"You feel very cared for right now, don't you?," He asked. We stood in the aisle of the grocery store, semi-oblivious to the shoppers around us. He was helping me with a health issue that had come up, something that I tried (and failed) to handle on my own.

I nodded and continued to clutch his hand in both of mine. He led me toward the checkout, steering the cart with one hand and letting me cling to the other.

"Kitten, Kitten, Kitten...what am I going to do with you?," He teased gently as I nuzzled my face against his shoulder in the checkout line.

"Keep me?," I asked quietly with a smile on my face.

"Yes, I think I'll keep you," He said and pulled me closer.


TrueBlue said...

I love to read your writing. You capture emotions so well. The security that you feel within your relationship is *exactly* what I crave for myself, and reading about it actually makes me ache a little.

pixiepie said...

Post like this make me miss Richard- its this essence that I lack in all other relationships. Just that feeling of everything being right- yet for me it was make believe with him because he couldn't 'fix it' or give me the parts of himself that your Owner can give you. This was beautifully captured.