I keep trying to write some smut, but everything I write seems to be about women. I admit it - ever since our experience in March, my bisexuality has been rearing its pretty head. To my Owner's glee, I've been leering at girls everywhere we go, including a the cute blonde at the book store and the quirky check-out girl at the grocery store. I'm nowhere near open enough to approach these girls, but I am expending a lot of mental energy thinking about them.

A few weeks ago, I went to a gay pride parade in my local city with a gay friend of mine. He has been to a lot of these types of events since he came out, but it was my first pride parade. I was really bowled over. There were so many women who like women there - where have they been hiding? I never see them as I travel the city during the week or go out on weekends. But there they were, kissing and flirting in public. This community has really been hidden from me and I felt like I had just discovered a secret world.

If it's possible, that experience set my thoughts toward women even more. Their beautiful bare shoulders and their long bare legs on a summer day...their soft breasts and lips pressed against me...their hair tickling my back as they lean over me...their fingers probing inside my wetness...their moans in my ear as I draw out their orgasm...

*Ahem.* Sorry, I can get a little carried away. Care to hear more?


taiah said...

Oh, I want to hear more!

We have found that at the party that we go to for swingers on a monthly basis ALL the women there are bi sexual. If there is one there that isn't, I haven't met her yet. It is like a candy store and has given me the opportunity to experiment and find my sexuality.

M and A said...

I completely understand! Why can't I find those women when I'm out and about?! I'm struggling with my bi side as well. I'm open enough to talk to M about it, fantasize freely, and OCCASIONALLY approach a girl I consider safe. I'm not nearly open enough to go up to any woman I find attractive, though. I find that it goes in waves where sometimes all I can think about is another woman and sometimes it's just a soft ache in the back of my mind. Good luck in your struggle and keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

As a femme lesbian, I can tell you we've been "hiding" in plain sight for years. There's been this whole concept of 'femme invisibility' following us around, and it can be very painful to those of us who want to be identified as lesbian, and want to connect with others in our identity group. Society seems to think all lesbians fit the stereotypical 'butch' mold, but the truth is, we come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Best of luck to you in finding someone to play with.... maybe your friend could introduce you to some women... :-) Babs

cutesy pah said...

now, if we could just figure out how to get all of us "bi" bloggers together for a party, we could have an AWESOME party!!

wanna come play with me?!

sexy smooches,

Shygirl70 said...

Much more! I've started taking pictures of beautiful women I find myself aroused by, with my phone, under the guise of "My cousin would LOVE your hair color, may I take your picture?" or "I want your face to come up when you call me!" (that is for the women I know obviously)and I send the pictures to Mr. Wonderful and then I have to write what I want to do to them. Beautiful women are a true gift! And I would TOTALLY attend that party, Cutesy!!!

Kitten said...

Thank you all for your comments! I know that there are other bi girls out there...the challenge is finding one who I like and who is in the same place as I am. It's definitely harder because I openly date a man and am femme-ish (I'm a low maintenance girl, but I'm not butch in any way). I'm probably hiding in plain sight too, Babs!

As for you, cutesy pah, we should *definitely* have a party!


Dante d'Amore said...

I vote for "more!"