The Room

She pulled my hand toward her and pressed it against her breastbone. I tilted my forehead toward hers and smiled shyly.

We were curled together in the middle of the big hotel room bed. Candles flickered all around us. It was late - what time was it again? I had lost track - and we were breathing together quietly. I was nearly naked, but I didn't notice.

"I know you're nervous," she whispered, "but you could kiss me sometime before it's time to go." She giggled and bit her lip. I laughed with her, propping my head up on my elbow. I brushed the hair back from her forehead. "Come here, you," I sighed, and I touched my lips to hers.

They were so soft, they made me melt. I remembered suddenly why I love women so much. (And the beautiful thing about them is that their soft lips are just the beginning.)

We kissed deeper and deeper, winding our hands in each others' hair. When our lips parted, we laid back against the pillows, touching hands.

"Do you think they're watching us?," I whispered.

"Definitely, but I'm not going to look," she laughed.

"What are you girls talking about over there?," He called playfully from his seat on the other side of the room.

"Girl talk?," her Master asked and the two men laughed.

We looked up and laughed as they came over to us. We kissed again.


taiah said...

ah, kissing a girl is so nice. I am not nearly as experienced as I would like to be...

emily said...

ditto on the kissing a girl. They are so soft...