The Other

I sit on his lap facing away from him, my legs spread wide and my feet planted outside his. I am only wearing a pair of panties and I can feel his chest against my naked back. He slides his hand into my panties and slowly teases my clit with his fingers as his other hand reaches to pinch my nipples. I arch back against him and he slides his fingers inside me.

"Put your fingers in her mouth," my Owner says from his seat across the room. The man brings his fingers, wet from my cunt, up to my lips and I lick them hungrily. I keep my eyes on my Owner the whole time.

I turn away from my Owner, toward the man and face him on his lap. He pulls my panties aside as he enters me. I can hear my Owner stroking his cock and moaning softly. The man puts his hands under my ass cheeks and guides me slowly up and down on his cock.

I turn back to look at my Owner, a smile on my lips. "Such a good girl," He moans, "Such a good girl for me."

Disclaimer: This is just a fantasy. But a girl can dream, can't she?

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aimee said...

Absolutely beautiful. Lucky girl.