I have heard some young submissives (and even some insecure doms) worry about the attributes that the best Masters just must have. They mention discipline, internal and external, and rope-tying skills and delicious cruelty. But I think my Master's best attribute is something much more benign but still extremely important - His patience.

I am so grateful that He was so calm, understanding and willing to hold my hand this week, even as I threw an unholy hissy fit. I am thankful that He knows that I get scared and that I blame Him for feeling insecure, and that He loves me and reassures me anyway. I am so grateful that He holds me tight to His chest as I thrash and try to get away, tight until I tire and cling to Him again.

And I am most grateful for the fact that He will discipline me this weekend and put me back in my place. That's where I belong.


pixie said...

to be put back in ones place is as important as knowing ones place...isnt it?

Dom Tom said...

Patience is truly critical for me. I have been very slowly bringing my wife along and she is not exactly an easy student. But I have been extremely patient and gentle and kind with her as I bring her along further and deeper.

Babydoll said...

I loved this post so much I quoted it in my blog. Hope you don't mind :)

Florida Dom said...

You must be pleased that he's patient with you and yet will put you in your place where you belong.

Will look forward to hearing how he put your in your place. I hope it makes you feel very submissive.