I'm here! I'm alive! I've just been out of the blogging mood for so long that it was almost impossible to come back. I'm still not sure if I'm going to be posting here regularly, so please check back when you can.

Things with my Owner are going very well. We have been very close and getting on very well. You know how it is normal, slavery continues! The most interesting development is that we met a lovely young woman and shared an amazing evening with her recently. She is very fun, very spontaneous, very sexy (and very bisexual, if I may say). The three of us had so much fun...I just hope that we all can get together again soon because six hours of playing (six! six whole hours!) was no where near enough.

Hope all is well where you are...I'll be in touch soon.



Alyssa said...

I'm glad all is well!! Hope you write more soon :-)

swordfish said...

this is good to know...stick with it, the urge to blog departs from all of us from time to time. patience, young lady, patience.

nebbish said...

I've missed lurking in your corner!