We kissed as we sat on my couch, those slow, lingering kisses, the ones without any urgency. He slid his fingers into my panties. I was already soaked for him.

I pulled him into the bedroom. It was dark except for the streetlight poring in the open window. I slipped my dress over my head and laid my body on top of his, feeling him underneath my skin.

As we kissed and touched, as he fingered me and made me come, as I took his cock in my mouth...all of these feelings came flooding back. The dark room, the open window with the cool breeze blowing in, the unhurried exploration of each others bodies. It felt like the first time.

"I knew I was going to own you the first time I touched you," He whispered to me in the dark. "I knew you would be mine."

I whispered back to him, because to speak aloud would break the spell: "How did you know?"

He laughed quietly and slid his fingers into me again. I arched my back and opened my legs even more for him. "I was always meant to own you. And I always will."

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otownsubkitty said...

One of your shortest posts and yet it made me quiver and smile :).

My back arched instinctively. Lucky, lucky Kitten...