I was kneeling between his legs. He was stretched out on the bed, waiting for me to take his cock in my mouth. "Down," he coaxed, pushing on the back of my head, "down."

I lowered my head under pressure from his hand. "Good," he patted my head, "that's a good dog."

I froze, mid-suck. Did he just call me a dog? No, couldn't be. I chose to ignore it and kept sucking.

"Now, sit up," he cooed. I looked up at him with questioning eyes. "Sit up like a good dog."

I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment. I had to obey but I didn't understand what he was doing. I sat up anyway and squeezed my hands together to manage the tension.

"See? You are a good dog!," he exclaimed with mock enthusiasm. I shook my head, still not sure what he was doing, aside from humiliating me. "Back down," he said and I lowered my head.

As I continued to suck him, he rubbed the back of my head and cooed some more about what a good dog I was for him. I sat up abruptly.

"I'm not a dog," I said with some hesitation. It seemed silly to have to assert such a thing about myself.

"Of course you are," he said with a frustrating lilt to his voice. "You sit up, you beg, you roll over-"

My hands flew up to my ears. "I'm not a dog!," I said louder, cutting him off from his list of my canine attributes. I couldn't listen to him recount all of the things that I do that, now that I thought about it, sounded awfully a lot like the things dogs do.

"Down," he said quickly, and I ducked my head down to his cock. He chuckled to himself and patted me on the head again. Dammit, I thought. I obeyed his command just like a dog. Oh god.

I started sniffling as I sucked his cock, not wanting to believe that he thought I was an animal. Not willing to admit that I act just like one. Tears dripped down my face as I started quietly crying.

"What's wrong?," he asked.

I looked up and mumbled, "I'm not a dog," through my sobs.

"Oh, yes you are," he said quietly.

"No, I'm a girl," I said, quietly at first. I kept repeating it to myself. "I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl..." I kept up this mantra as I tried to block out all of the thoughts about the commands that I follow like a dog, the crawling on the floor, the begging. Was I trying to convince him that I was a girl or convince myself?

He pushed my head back down onto his cock and I managed to suck his cock. I stopped sniffling and was finally able to make him come in my mouth. It seemed like a hollow victory, since I had been so humiliated in the process.

He pulled me up next to him when I was finished. He nuzzled my neck and held me close, but I felt detached. I didn't know what to think of what just happened. He whispered in my ear: "Kitten, you're whatever I want you to be."


swordfish155 said...

I can't find the right word here...honest, poignant, certainly breathtaking. You write so truthfully about your journey, kitten. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kitten said...

Thank you, swordfish, for reading and commenting.

And the only word I could think of at the time was "mindfuck" :-)


sub lyn said...

Mindfuck is exactly the word that i was thinking as i read it!

slave karly said...

That was so beautiful! This slave is very greatful that you shared your story. It may seem like a bad thing to be called a dog but, are you happist when obeying your Master/Daddy's commands and nuzzling His knee? This slave is... how can such devotion, such joy at a pat on the head or a smile when your told what a good girl you are, be bad? Don't worry so much about lables and just be happy to be learning who you are.
Thank you for the stories
slave karly

Kitten said...

slave karly: I think I was just shocked the first time he called me that. The next time, I flinched a bit but I was able to see that I am his pet and that it is a role that we both enjoy.

Thanks for your comment.