Are there scarier words in a submissive's world than "you will be dealt with accordingly?"

Maybe these words. An e-mail from earlier today, when I messed up big time:

You have an assignment. There is no choice but to follow these orders.

You have today after work and tomorrow to get it done. Find that sex shop near your job. Get a paddle. Any paddle.......and have it ready.

Also an enema.....

Have both of those things ready for me to use this weekend. I know it's not much time, but that's the way it's going to be.

Got it?

Yes, Sir.


Jessica said...

I'm waiting with bated breath to hear what happened! :-)

Kitten said...

Jess: Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm still processing what happened and my punishment. I'll let you know in a day or so all the salacious details :-)