Fight, fight, fight

Thanks to subtletimes for the topic suggestion. She asked for the details of our last "fight/argument."

I talked this over with my Owner and we were basically unable to come up with anything. We squabble from time to time, but we haven't had a big fight over actual relationship issues in about six months. We disagree and have difficultly communicating every couple of weeks, which I think is normal. Also, I tend to get overtired late at night because I'm on a pretty strict schedule for work, while He's more of a night owl. By 11 pm, I can get like an overtired toddler - I cycle from hyper, to comatose, to crying in the span of an hour. He knows my moods and can read me pretty well, so He tries to put me to bed before I get out of control. But I still get crabby sometimes and lose my patience when I speak to Him, which is never good.

But those occasional incidents are not really fights, per se. Not like the time six months into our relationship when I got so angry at Him that I put his belongings in a paper bag and drove over to His house with them. I intended to throw the bag at Him and never see Him again. Hilariously, I made the thirty-minute drive to His house that night in about fifteen minutes. He joked later that I drove at pyscho speed! I know that I really offended Him that night because I was just going to throw our relationship away because I was upset. It took a long time to recover from that, but I learned not to react that way in the future.

The oddest thing is that I can't even remember what it was that we were arguing about that night. I just remember that in the middle of a tense moment, we were standing by my car and He went to throw his gum out onto the ground. He looked at me and said in this super-serious voice: "Time out. I need to ask you something." I nodded, thinking that we were about to make some life-changing relationship decision. Then He said, "Can racoons choke on gum?," and we both started cracking up. He was so concerned that a racoon was going to come by and choke on his discarded gum that He couldn't even think about what we were arguing about at that moment. It was so funny, and it diffused all the tension so that we could resolve whatever it was that we were arguing about in the first place.

So, thanks again for the topic. My Owner's suggestion for topics is that I write some good old-fashioned smut, so you have that to look forward to sometime soon. Keep your suggestions coming in by e-mail or in the comments!


T. Elle Harrison said...

"Time out. I need to ask you something." "Can racoons choke on gum?,"
Hilarious! I'm in tears over here!

As for the smut???*smacks lips with anticipation* I can't wait. I lurve smut.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding! That gum thing was hilarious :)

The dynamic between you guys sounds fairly relaxed and down to earth. Do you find yourself sometimes thinking, 'Oh wait, I can't do that' or 'I should be doing this' etc. because of your roles? Or is it second nature to you?

cutesy pah said...

I've just recently found your blog. Very nice!

I like the gum comment. And, like you, I get tired easily, and my emotions swing back and forth like a pendulum. So, when I get really upset, and cannot calm myself down, or be consoled, Daddy asks, "Ok, can I see your tits now?" It makes me smile every time, and helps lighten my mood. It's his way of bringing back down to earth without ticking me off.

Likewise, if he begins to get emotional or frustrated (which is rare), I simply say, "Daddy, can I show you my tits?" Works like a charm!

sounds like you need to check on the raccoons' penchant for gum on a regular basis when tensions run high.


Anonymous said...

um. id be interest in hering more about how you feel in other aspects of your life, like how do you go out with friends with him - and act then?
how do you feel at work?

Kitten said...

T.Elle, subtletimes, cutesy pah: I love the raccoon story too. It just goes to show that even the domliest dom can get all mushy over animals too!

cutesy pah: That is so cute! It's always good to have something to break the tension when you're arguing.

I'll write some about our dynamic/roles and how I deal with friends and work soon...


Anonymous said...

In reading you post I felt that you as a couple have not learned the wonderful binding power of punishment. I am sure that you would feel more secure and your relationship would contain more tranquillity if you both agreed to your punishment.

Punishment creates two wonderful things, firstly certainty from being held accountable and secondly the sweet bliss of forgiveness once a punishment has been endured.

Your punishment will give you a wonderful emotional experience that you will find more loving than you might think. Try it, you will be surprised.


Kitten said...

All Knowing Man: I'm a little confused by your comment. This post illustrates that our relationship is going very well and any disagreements that we may have are easily resolved. We can disagree without the need for punishment because I am not always completely wrong and He is not always infallible. I think the fact that we can discuss our differences and work out our issues without him resorting to domineering behavior is a strength in our relationship.

All the same, He is always in control and I know my place. My Owner decides if, when and how to punish me. We both believe that this works for us. Please respect the fact that not everyone orders their relationship the way that you might prefer.

Thank you for your comment.