I got my first tattoo a few weeks ago. The tattoo is an interpretation of a drawing of several naked women who appear to be floating, each with long dark flowing hair. I think the tattoo is beautifully done and I am very happy to have this tattoo after years of indecision.

I decided on this design during the past year as I started to come to terms with my sexuality, not just my dedication to submission but my bisexuality. It is something that I have kept hidden from those closest to me - and from myself, even - for years. My desire for women is one of my first sexual memories and my earliest sexual experiences were with women. But, for whatever reasons based on my repressive childhood or religious upbringing, I always kept that hidden away.

I still carry a great deal of shame about these experiences and I am not open about my bisexuality. This is something that my Owner and I have been discussing a lot and will be working on. I hope to be more open one day, but I am still in the closet with most everyone in my life. But the tattoo is a semi-public way for me to celebrate my love for women and this part of myself. It is a hope for the future, that I one day can proudly display and be comfortable in my own skin.


taiah said...

I too have kept my sexuality a secret and like you, my first experiences were with girls. I have shied away from having sex with women for a long time for a multitude of reasons but I am now coming forward and not being as quiet about it. Your tattoo sounds lovely, congrats!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have my sub get a tat. Would you share more about size, location, maybe a photo?


Kitten said...
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Kitten said...


E-mail me at mkitten1979 at gmail dot com and I'll see if my Owner is ok with me revealing some of the details.