Humiliation Nation

The other night, He knelt behind me to watch his come drip out of me. He had just finished taking me roughly from behind and I was shaky on my hands and knees. Once He saw what he wanted - the physical evidence of his ownership - he let me collapse on the bed. After a few minutes, after I caught my breath, I asked to get up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

"Is there more?," He asked.

"Um...," I stalled, knowing that he can't get enough of the sight of his come dripping out of me.

"Get up on your knees," He said in a tone of voice that brooked no argument.

My legs shook as I knelt next to him on the bed. I steadied myself against the wall with one hand. He knocked my knees apart and held his cupped hand under my cunt.

"Push," He said with an evil glint in his eyes. I covered my eyes with my free hand, but I obeyed. After a moment, I looked down to see his hand covered in my wetness and his. He held his hand up to my face and I looked at him warily.

"Lick, now," He whispered. I bent my head down, eyes tightly squeezed shut, and lapped at his palm. I could taste both of us on his hand. He made me clean up every drop.

I never did make it to the bathroom and I didn't get to rest my shaking body. I think my humiliation turned him on so much that he had to have me again, right away. As I sucked his cock, I could still feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment.


swordfish155 said...

I think that this is the most erotic post you've put up in a very very long time...what tender submission and brilliant subjugation.

Anonymous said...

I liked the post too. Guess what my sub is going to have to do tomorrow when I go to see her.


Anonymous said...

Wow-just wow. This is one of your best posts in a while. Very erotic.

He is HOT! I love the devious mind at work there!

Kitten said...


He was very flattered by your comments on this post. Regarding James' comment, He said: "If I can inspire one dom to make his girl drip come out of her cunt and lick it off of his hand, then my work here is done."

He even mentioned making an appearance here as a result. He's said this before, but I think I might be able to make it happen this time. So any encouragement you may have for Him...please let me know at mkitten1979 at gmail dot com!


trinity-pup said...

wow... that really would be humiliation for me too...


goodgirl said...

This is one of my absolutel favourite things to do... and you described it wonderfully!

littlegirl said...

wow. just having to let him watch me drip afterward would be bad enough, but actually having to lick it up? *shivers*