Nothing, Part a Million

"When you said that I was nothing without you? Did you mean that?," I asked quietly before we went to bed. Of all of the terrible thing He said to me, somehow that was sticking with me the most.

"Kitten, you know that not everything I say to you during a scene is 100% accurate. Sometimes I say things to humiliate you, or to break you down, or to show you your place. But I don't always mean everything," he explained.

"So...did you mean that? Do you really think that I'm nothing without you?"

"I think that you'd be incomplete without me. I think that you'd be a cold, lost little Kitten without me. But I don't think you'd be nothing. You were something when I met you," he said, and he smiled.


Anonymous said...

Short. Sweet. Beautiful.

You both seem to have the ability to be direct and convey so much feeling.

I am always impressed your writing.

Happy New Year!


goodgirl said...

I've come to the realization that the doms who draw me to them are always the ones who are the most arrogant sons-of-bitches. Somehow we seem to love them all the more for their arrogance.