"Touch yourself and tell me when you're going to come," He said as he laid next to me, watching. I started playing with my clit and felt my pussy get wetter and wetter. I was moaning softly. I looked up at him and asked to come. "Get closer," He ordered and I kept playing. "Can I come now? Please?," I begged. He paused and I grew closer to orgasm. "No, stop," He said suddenly and I pulled my hand away sharply.

Then He did it again, allowing me to get close to coming and ordering me to stop. Each time I pulled away my hand quickly, but reluctantly. I knew that I would get a slap if I didn't stop, but I was unhappy about it.

Then He crouched between my legs and teased my inner thighs with his tongue. "Do you want to come?," He asked lightly. "Yes, please," I begged breathlessly. After what felt like an eternity, He finally touched his tongue to my clit and moved it unbearably slowly. "Fingers, please," I gasped, indicating that I wanted him to finger-fuck me while he licked my clit (a surefire way to orgasm for me). He slid two fingers into my pussy. I was just about to come. I begged, "Please, please, can I? Daddy please?" He said yes, and I felt the first wave about to break. That's when He pulled away and out of me.

I looked up in shock and squirmed with pent-up sexual frustration. Was he denying me? He laid next to me and touched my face.

"When you were about to come, what did I do?"

"You stopped," I said plainly, wondering if it was a trick question.

"And when I tell you to stop walking and wait, what should you do?"

"I should stop." Oh, I knew what this was. This was punishment.

"Good, then now you know how to stop. I just showed you," He said a touch smugly. "Maybe I should let you touch yourself and come while you suck my cock?," He asked.

"I would like that, please," I said tentatively.

"I bet you would. No, it's time for bed."

My mouth fell open. I had to come, I needed to come or I would be awake and out-of-sorts all night! He had never denied me an orgasm before. I couldn't believe it. A tear leaked out of my eye and I brushed it away, embarrassed. I sat up and smoothed my nightgown back over my thighs in a defeated gesture. Just as I was about to get up, He grabbed my arm.

"Oh, okay, you can come once, but I hope you learned your lesson," He chided with a wag of his finger. I smiled and crawled eagerly toward Him.


m said...

Oh! I love this post. (And ofcourse the rest of your blog) But... For me, this is the basis of true/D/s love chemie :)

taiah said...

I was just going to blog something similar. Wonderful post!

slave karly said...

your posts are always so wonderful this slave loves reading them. *laughs* slave just wrote a post very similar though she is still being tortured....

Anonymous said...

You don't blog as often as I would love you to :(