Never Have I Ever

I never have been able to figure out where certain of our lines are. It's not that they are shifting or that He hides them from me, but just that things are too complex to be able to pinpoint where the lines are most times.

Like, where is the line between "I listen to you because I value your opinion" and "I am deciding against you, even though you disagree"?

Where is the line between "Trust that I will never take advantage of you" and "Because I'm the Owner and I say so"?

I'm guessing that He would say that often both rules apply at the same time, at his discretion. That our relationship encompasses lots of mutually-contradictory rules that we somehow manage to follow. It all makes sense to Him, so I should probably just go along and stop wondering. But I am an inquisitive Kitten and I'm constantly taking us apart to see how we work.

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aimee said...

Ha ha ha... you sound just like me. I ask those same questions myself.