The Aftermath

That title is so ominous, but the aftermath of our weekend fun with another couple was pure hilarity.

We all left the hotel together, chatting easily in the elevator. We breezed through the lobby, impervious to the stares from the staff. Maybe they knew why we were checking out early, or maybe my skirt was just too short. In any case, I didn't care. I loved being with my Owner and this couple, out and comfortable with my relationship for the first time.

We parted in the parking lot with hugs. She whispered in my ear as she embraced me, and I knew that neither of us would forget our special time together.

As He and I got in the truck together and drove away, we burst out into giggles. "What?," He asked, laughing. "Nothing, what's with you?," I laughed back. "Oh, nothing," and He kept laughing. We were tired and a little giddy and oddly energized.

"Are you hungry?," He asked as we approached a Burger King on the highway.

"No, but I'll get a drink," I said. (For the record, I don't usually eat fast food. It's bad for a Kitten's figure.)

"Ok, but I'm getting Burger Shots," He said teasingly.

"No way!"

"Oh, I am. We just had a foursome and I am getting Burger Shots!," He announced.

"Okay, I guess you deserve them. For your efforts," I giggled.

Our spirits were high as we ate the little burgers in the truck, laughing and joking lightly about the events of our evening. To His delight, He even got me to eat two little burgers - I was hungry too!

And even though we were tired when we got home, we fucked before bed anyway. We held each other close and looked into each others' eyes as we came, like we knew that we had shared a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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