I bent over my Owner's lap and closed my eyes. I touched my fingertips to the ground to steady myself, but I needn't have bothered. My Owner had his arm gripped tightly around my waist. He had the paddle in his hand - I knew because I had brought it over to him - and he was ready. Her Master sat across from me on the edge of the bed. He leaned forward intently as we got ready. She was across the room, in the corner, facing the wall.

My Owner started paddling me and I took a deep breath with every blow. I felt her Master lean closer. He began to speak to me.

He told me that I was an inconsiderate bitch for what I had done. He called me those names. He punished me with his words as my Owner punished me with the paddle. They formed this united force - one dominant field of energy, working together on my punishment. I knew that I was wrong, I knew that I deserved this. I was only shocked that her Master knew exactly what to say...that he said exactly what my Owner had said the week before when I got into trouble in the first place. He knew. Her Master just knew.

I managed not to cry, I'm not sure how. A beating like that should easily reduce me to a sobbing mess. She thinks it was because she was there to take some of my pain. She might be right. The strength of her kneeling there, hearing each blow and my attempts not to cry out, she absorbed all of the energy coming off of me. Just as my Owner and her Master were channeling each other, she and I were right there together, slaves in pain.


Vesta said...


Your journey is a fascinating one to follow.

It was a revelation for me. I have read of one girl helping another girl through such a situation but hadn't really believed it. But, this post totally convinced me that it is possible, along with the fact that the two men made your feelings all the more intense. I have written of this in stories, suspecting as much, but with no hard evidence.

Great post! Amazing experience!

Meta said...

I both love and hate your writing style. It's beautiful to read...but I want to know what you did to deserve punishment!

That being said, this series of posts have been particularly intriguing.

Kitten said...

Honestly, I think the reason for the punishment is so much less interesting than the punishment itself. You should feel grateful that I spared you the boring details :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent, intriguing writing... You don't divulge much however and always leave me feeling frustrated because I don't know more.