No matter how much control you think you've surrendered, there comes a time when you realize how much farther there is to go. There comes a time when something more is demanded of you and you give it, even though you didn't think it was possible.

I can't explain what happened - even if my Owner hadn't forbidden me from talking about it, I couldn't describe it. But I need only say that it shook my understanding of how powerful He is and how connected we are. It makes me wonder what either of us would be without the other, as if my whole being depends on His existence on this planet. That sounds over-dramatic, but these are dramatic times between us.

Oh, I can tell you this small part...

He made me come with his mind.


Anonymous said...

"He made me come with his mind."

Dear kitten,

A person could take that two ways.
Did he make you come intellectually by something he said, or was it by some type of mental telepathy? Just curious as to how you meant that.


Kitten said...

sue: It was some sort of mental telepathy. We were having this very intense, mentally-connected moment when He ordered me to have one. I could feel Him, even though He wasn't touching me and I had an orgasm. Truly amazing!