Pent Up

For a number of reasons, we spent last week together but we couldn't have sex.

It wasn't until the end of the week that we realized what that had done to us. In the absence of any sexual play between us, we had taken to sniping at each other. We both were constantly impatient and a tad testy. We didn't even realize that we were doing it.

Until, at the end of the week, after we had both come and were feeling much better, it dawned on me. Whatever sexual energy we regularly exercise, whatever play we used to get the small tensions out, had been all pent up. We needed the release, not just for our sanity but for the health of our relationship.

"Do you think that's a bad thing?," I asked Him once I realized what had happened.

"No, I think it's just part of who we are," He said and held me closer.

I really hope that we don't make that mistake again :-)


Rebecca said...

I've been there before. Usually only when I need to heal for awhile when someone does something really crazy to me. But I feel you, being alone right now without a master is really hard. I've just had a bad relationship my last few times around. I hope to find someone i can yeild to as you have.

Dom Tom said...

I agree that sex is an integral part of any healthy relationship. There have been periods where my wife and I have not been able to have sex (during her period, for example, she doesn't like to and I respect that). Sometimes we get snipy, sometimes it's just fine. If you are always grumpy without the sex, that migt be a bad sign, otherwise, of course you're going to snipe! Fortunately, I can cum whenever I want to in our relationship, and I usually get to even if we can't have sex. Not fair? You bet. I will often wait, though, but it is always my choice.