Health & Welfare

This isn't really about my relationship with my Owner, but it is about me and my health so I think it's relevant. After all, my well-being is directly in His interest. A happy, healthy submissive makes for a good submissive, yes?

I started exercising seriously over the winter. I finally quit smoking in January after...oh god, this makes me so ashamed...smoking regularly for about 12 years. I loved smoking and was very serious about it. It was a huge part of who I was, even after it became more of a negative than a positive. I finally got sick of feeling awful and smelling awful and, like a truly vain person, didn't want to spend any more time destroying my skin with cigarettes.

So a few weeks after I quit, I started exercising in order to stay in a healthy frame of mind. I haven't touched a cigarette since, although I do dream about smoking quite often. (I guess it's still pretty deeply ingrained in my subconscious.) After I got in decent shape, I started running seriously. I'm totally obsessed with running now - the way it makes my body look and feel, the amazing high I get for hours after an early morning run, the noticeable metabolism rev that I can feel, etc. I even love saying that I'm a runner and having that as part of my identity. I think it speaks of a certain strength of character that I get out there on the road before most people are awake. Something about that makes me feel really alive and really strong.

In July, I ran my first first road race in my life, period. I'm planning on running another in the fall. I'm really, really proud of my accomplishment, if you'll allow me this moment of complete non-humbleness. As I strode across that finish line, I could hardly believe that I was an out-of-shape smoker just seven months before.

Next, I'm thinking about taking up meditation. I'm a bundle of nerves, usually, although running has given me some rare moments of peace in my life as of late. But I would love to be able to find a way to bring more calmness into even more areas of my life. I tried yoga in the past and enjoyed it physically, but I was never able to obtain the serenity necessary to get its full benefits. Do any of you have experience with meditation or have any suggestions?


A New Dom said...

I, too, am a high energy person, though I have never smoked regularly. It is very difficult for me to sit still and meditate, but when I do it for a week straight, I notice it begins to get easier. You may want to try some straight meditation, just sitting and concentrating, before you add the Yoga movements. I do Pilates which is better suited to higher energy levels, although it still requires concentration and regulated breathing. It is more active than Yoga, so it suits me better.

Goo luck!

TrueBlue said...

If you run on the road, do you mind my asking what kind of shoes you wear? Unless I want to drive to a facility with a track, I have no choice but to run on pavement, and I'm having a hell of a time finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough for me to run on asphalt. Any reccomendations?

Kitten said...

A New Dom: I will try to get some sitting meditation in, although every time I have tried recently it's been at night and I've fallen asleep!

TrueBlue: I'm wearing the Saucony ProGrid Omni 7 right now. It's good if you, like me, are a mild pronator. I think the Omni 7s have been replaced by the Omni 8s, but I'm not sure there is any difference. Good luck!


sub essence said...

Chakra Clearing Meditation CD by Doreen Virtue. I am one that is hard for me to relax, and this one really helped me. In my recent move, it's packed away when really I should be using it.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the 5K! I am a runner and former smoker myself. If TrueBlue see's this I recommend an ASICS GEL shoe, I've been running in these for 8 years now.

Glimmer Man said...

Yoga... best of both worlds... meditation plus exercise... start out basic and eventually move to something more strenuous like Bikram yoga

R said...

I use mindfulness a lot, it's just the practice of staying in the moment. So when your mind starts straying you have to focus only on what's happening at the moment like smells, sights, tastes even. My mind tends to run all over the place too and it stresses me out, this really helped! It can be a bit easier than trying to sit your mind down to meditate.