Rules, Rules, Rules

Some submissives complain about rules set out by their Masters, but maybe I'm different. I love rules. I welcome them and thrive under them. My favorite rule is my bedtime because it helps me so, so much. My Owner really got that one right and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have Him to help me with my sleep schedule or I'd be the most unproductive Kitten ever.

The great thing about any set of rules imposed by my Owner is that the rules usually come with an explanation. My Owner sits down and tells me what the rules are and why the rules are. When I'm most confused and the situation is most uncertain, I love having the rules to carve out a safe course of conduct for my behavior. I love knowing where the boundaries are (better not to inadvertently to step over them) and I love the satisfaction in knowing when I am able to comply with my Owner's wishes to a T.

There are a lot of gray areas in my life, but things are better with my Owner when the lines are drawn in black and white. The clarity and security in knowing where I stand, even in the face of an onerous restriction, warms my submissive little heart in ways that I've only begun to explore. Let me know your feelings about your rules and whether you enjoy them, love/hate them or something else!


slave girl k said...

Master and i struggled with rules for a while. While He has been a Dominant before (for years), He had never been a Master and was not used to such a needy and dependent slave. i am like you, kitten, i need rules to stand on, to know my place clearly. i told Him that with rules from Him, i felt like i was walking around at night without a flashlight. Scary! Now that His rules are in place around me, i don't have to worry about overstepping on accident, or doing something wrong without really knowing it. Its like being bound, all tied up in His rope, there is a freedom of the heart there. And i am a happy slave!

sub lyn said...

i like having rules too. Like you, my bedtime rule is the most helpful to me - i have chronic insomnia, and the enforced sleep hygiene is tremendously helpful in managing it.

But i appreciate all my other rules too, and like the structure and meaning they give to our relationship. That doesn't mean i obey them perfectly all the time, or that sometimes i don't strain against them, but i am very glad to have them all the same.

A New Dom said...

Fascinating for me to read about from a potential Dom's pov--I have just begun a journey myself, and I know my wife likes to obey me, but she also has a lot of spunk. I have established very few rules for her so far, which she obeys. I don't think she needs rules as much as you do, but she does like to please me. Explaining is always important, otherwise everything is arbitrary. From my perspective, making sure the rule is not just selfish but actually benefits both partners is essential.