When He and I started, my only rules were to obey and be honest with him. These weren't formal rules, more like an understanding between us. I have more formal rules now and these rules form my mantra.

Recently, we were having a disagreement about something minor, but I was feeling a little unfocused nonetheless. He had me get down on my knees, look up at him and repeat some things after him. Those things became my formal rules. I am to memorize them and repeat them to myself whenever I have lost my way or need to feel reconnected to him. They will be a sort of mantra for me, mental guidelines that I can turn to in times of crisis.

He also has expressed an intention to have me repeat my rules when it pleases him or to reinforce a lesson or punishment. This introduction of ritual - the kneeling, the repetition of set words - is new for us. He is relatively informal with me in the sense that I do not have to greet him a certain way or perform regular tasks on a daily basis. The only thing I regularly repeat for him is a description of my job ("to stay still and shut the fuck up"), which he usually makes me do when I'm resolutely not doing my job. ;-)

I don't mind the ritual aspect of it at all, it's just new for me. It may take some getting used to, but I am sure that it will become a bond between us in time. Anyway, the rules/mantra below:

1. I will obey your every command. No questions.
2. My place is at your feet, kneeling before you.
3. I will think before I speak at all times when in your presence.
4. I will be your good little girl, now and forever.
5. You own body, my mind and my soul.

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sub lyn said...

Nice set of rules. Short and simple, but comprehensive.