First Night

I waited all day to see Him. I was restless the whole day, unable to relax or sit still. When he finally arrived, I was already opening the door before he could put his key in the lock. I shuffled my feet and looked at the ground as he stared at me with a smile on his face. I was so nervous. I was worried about feeling different after our time apart. I was worried that his pent-up aggression would overwhelm me and that he would hurt me too much. He pushed his way into the apartment.

We stood in the kitchen and he touched the back of my neck. He gripped it in one large hand and put his other hand against my cheek. He looked down at me and my breath grew ragged. I was scared. I almost couldn't hold all of it inside of me. The way he was looking at me, almost like he was about to devour me. We kissed, slowly, pulling away to take deep shuddering breaths. Each time our lips touched, I could feel him tremble.

He led me to the couch, where he took off my clothes and spread my legs open. He brought me quickly to orgasm with the very tips of his fingers. He kept his mouth against mine the whole time. He was gentle but insistent as he put me on my knees in front of him, and then as he lifted me onto his lap so I could straddle him, and then as he carried me into the bedroom. He hadn't taken his hand off the back of my neck the entire time. He was holding me to him, secure.

"Are you ready for more, Kitten?," he asked as I lifted my head off of his shoulder and he laid me down on the bed. I nodded yes. What was coming next?

There was an amazingly passionate embrace, one that gripped me on the inside until I was shaking my head in disbelief. He came inside me and I whispered in his ear, "I've never felt this way before. How is this possible?" Nothing had changed between us. Nothing could shake our foundation, not the distance, not the stress of the separation or what had happened while I was gone.

Then the ground shifted. I told him, quietly, that I needed him to hurt me. Before I knew it, he was slapping my face, hard. He forced two fingers into my asshole and forced another three into my pussy. He hit me again and again. I offered my face to him until I couldn't, until the blows themselves started to scare me. How could he hit me so hard without bruising something? One of these days, wouldn't my cheekbone just shatter? I was afraid of being hurt and of people seeing the evidence. How would I explain why I had a black eye? But didn't I also want to see the evidence and carry it with me, wearing it like a badge that everyone could see?

I started crying and pulling away and he kept hitting me. My sobs were all pent up inside of me and they wouldn't come out. I was hyperventilating. The tears were streaming but I couldn't let my breath out. I kept sucking air in, in, as the pressure in my chest grew.

"Let it out, Kitten. You're safe with me. You're home with me," He ordered as he shook my shoulders. The sobs finally came out in a torrent. I released two weeks worth of missing him and feeling lost and of fighting on my own. I floated away on those tears, right back to my place at his feet. I felt the soft numbness of my submission descend over me. When he came on my face, I didn't flinch. I could only smile.


Anonymous said...

I'm very touched by this Kitten.
That's all I can say now.

Little Girl said...

Beautiful... absolutely beautiful!

Kitten said...

Thank you both, it was a wonderful reunion. Almost makes it worth going away again ;-)