Three Scenes

How did He and I spend our Saturday? Which of these scenes describes what we did that day?


He holds me tenderly, looking down on me with emotion in his eyes. He enters me slowly and starts fucking me deeply. "Can you feel that?," he whispers and I nod, sure that I am going to cry at the intensity of the moment. He is talking about the palpable connection between us, the chemistry and beauty of our embrace.

He fucks me faster, thrusting deeper. I grip his shoulders as he leans down to kiss me. He nibbles on my lip and a moan escapes from my mouth. I hold onto him for dear life as he comes inside me. "I love you," he says as he throws back his head in climax. I come with him.


He pushes me up against the wall, pulling my shirt and bra up over my breasts before he pulls my pants down around my ankles. I am not wearing panties. He pushes me down to my knees with my back against the wall and starts fucking my face. He bangs my head against the wall with the thrust of his cock in my mouth.

He picks me up and tosses me over the padded arm of the couch, winding his hand in my hair and snapping my head back in one quick movement. He enters me roughly and starts fucking me hard, pressing me down into the couch. "You filthy little slut, look at yourself," he taunts me. When I whimper, he snaps, "Shut up, slut. What's your job?" I mumble and he shouts for me to speak up. I tell him: "To stay still and shut the fuck up."

He puts me down on my hands and knees on the floor. My pants are still around my ankles. He makes me crawl to the bedroom. When I struggle, he laughs cruelly and pulls me along by the hair even faster.


I slide his hand along my thigh, enjoying the warmth of his hand under my dress. I look up at him with wide eyes and hear him groan with lust. "Kitten...," he moans as I bite my lip and look away. He cups my chin in his hand and turns my face back so he can look me in the eyes again. I lean in to kiss him deeply, touching my tongue to his.

I climb on top of him and gently lower myself down onto his already-hard cock. I start to ride him, looking down at him through the hair that has fallen in my face. I take my dress off over my head, giving him a full view of my naked body. His hands immediately go to my breasts. I feel like his whore, focusing on his pleasure, my body for his enjoyment.

I ride him harder and look down at the blissful look on his face. "You are such a good girl, Kitten, you are such a good girl," he repeats over and over as his breathing quickens. Suddenly, I am coming hard, grinding on his lap and gasping for air. Before I can even catch my breath, he grabs my hips and starts coming too, shouting my name.

So dear readers: which one is us?


Anonymous said...

Wow Kitten,
You outdid yourself, I'm guessing #2 and I kind of hope I'm right. Either way I REALLY enjoyed you post. I may have to cool off=)

Little Girl said...

I'm with Tex on this one girl, #2! Well written as always...


Zeno said...

Definitely number two!

Though you might have experienced all three scenarios in one day, of course!


Anonymous said...

Going to go with Zeno on this. I say all 3! You certainly must be in heaven over there ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm going for all three. And I pretty much hate you right now *LOL*...

Going over to Daddy's later. I'm thinking I'm gonna take a bit from your scenes if you don't mind and try to school myself into that kind of pleasure...:)

Thanks for the yumminess, my dear. Hope you're enjoying :)...



Kitten said...

Zeno, Carly and kitty, for the win! It was a trick question, of course. All three happened within about 6 hours on Saturday.

But don't be too jealous, because it was LAST Saturday. I didn't get to see him at all this past weekend and am currently suffering through a major sex drought.

Here's hoping one of us gets some soon!

sub lyn said...

i guessed all three too. What a lovely day that must have been!