Light Sleeper

Dear Readers:

I will be away on a trip for the next two weeks, but fear not! I have some adventures that you haven't heard about yet. Please check back periodically for updates during this time.

Wish me safe travels and play nice while I'm gone!


A million stars were circling in the world above my head.
As I drifted back in memory to all the things we said.
Turning my attention to the pain that I denied,
It was never my intention, to ever say goodbye.
Maybe I could have changed, if only wisdom courted me,
and not this fear and shame.
The ties that bind and bless the soul, that bind me up in chains,
Your love cuts through my weakened heart and memories twist the blade
I thought of you and nothing more; I needed nothing else.
I cried the day you left me.
I never should have allowed myself to feel this way.
I wonder where you sleep at night; I wonder where you've been
I envy all your family, I envy all your friends.
I believe the ancient promises, I believe that I am free.
But love comes as a great offense, like innocence betrayed.
I don't think you'll recognize me on the other side of day.
But I've never felt this way.

I feel this deep down trembling, and the earth beneath my feet
Shakes the great foundation, and I awaken from my sleep.
I trust my life to providence, I trust my life to grace.
But nothing takes away the pain, I can't forget your face.
Somewhere in this world of shadow, blood and bone,
I struggle through the day to day, I brace against the storm.
Thoughts of you pursue me, like an overwhelming tide.
Something in the air tonight, it will do no good to hide.
Cause it feels, oh God, the world's on fire.
Night after night, like a fever it burns.
I deprive myself of feeling, both a blessing and a curse,
A love that can't be likened to a single thing on earth.
Maybe I'll see better when the storm inside has burst.
Maybe I'll see better when I see your face.

- Paul Schrader

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Anonymous said...

Have fun Kitten! After you get back maybe let us know what part of the world you visited? Take care,