Rear Window

He led me into the back bedroom. I noticed immediately that all of the windows and shades were wide open. And that I was naked.

Anyone in the apartment building behind my building or in the adjacent parking lot would be able to see me from the bed. In the moonlight, my pale skin would glow in the darkness and every inch of me would be visible. Anyone would see what he would do to me.

"Can I close the shades?," I asked in my smallest voice. Even before he started smiling his devilish smile, I knew that the answer would be no.

"Go stand in front of the windows," he ordered. "Face the window," he clarified when I stood to the side with my back turned. "Now, touch your breasts."

I felt like such a fool as I stood there fondling my own breasts. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see if there was anyone watching me from below.

I heard him come up behind me. "Open your eyes, slut," he growled slowly. He put my palms down on the windowsill. "I want you to see everything. I want you to see whoever is watching me fuck you." He bent me at the waist and entered me from behind. He pulled back on my hair, snapping my head up so I had no choice but to look out.

He pulled out of me and turned me to him. He pinched my nipples as he stared down at me. I writhed before him and he pinched harder, twisting them until my knees buckled and I cried out.

"Get down on your knees and suck my cock so everyone can see," he ordered. I sunk to my knees, self-conscious but so absorbed by him that I didn't quite care.


Anonymous said...

That is sooo HOT Kitten,
I wish I could see....

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