He put me on my knees next to the bed. It was dark in his bedroom, with only a small sliver of light coming in through the window. I looked up at him, waiting to serve him, waiting for direction. The light fell across his chest but his face remained in shadow. I couldn't see his features. I couldn't see his eyes to tell me what he had planned for me. I trembled slightly in fear.

He took out his cock and I opened my mouth in anticipation. He slid his cock into my waiting mouth. I sucked on him and kept my eyes on his face. He leaned down to smooth my hair back from my face and suddenly the light hit his face. His eyes were dark and he had that intense look on his face.

He started thrusting into my mouth faster, fucking my face. I relaxed my jaw and kept still as he moved in my mouth. I looked up at him with wide eyes. He was using me as his toy.

He pulled out of my mouth and lifted me back onto the bed. As he lifted my legs onto his shoulders and took me, his face fell back into shadow. He fucked me and whispered his depraved fantasies into the silent room. His voice was all around me, I could feel him inside me, but he stayed in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Your writing has improved and you always leave me wanting more!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm it was like I was there! You capture the intensity in such a perfect manner Kitten!
Enjoy yr weekend! *gg*

Kitten said...

Thank you both for reading and commenting!