We were sitting on the couch on Sunday morning enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. Actually, I think it was afternoon because we had spent most of the morning in bed. In any case, we were drinking coffee in our pj's. I was still a little sleepy.

"Mmm...Kitten, you look so delicious this morning," He cooed. I blushed and looked down. My hair was rumpled and I wasn't wearing any make-up. No way I looked "delicious"!

He took my coffee cup from me and set it down on the coffee table. I thought he was going to pull me to him, but instead he pushed me to the floor at his feet.

"Kitten, show me," he said. I looked up at him with a question in my eyes. "How much you worship me. Show me," he whispered as he stood up in front of me.

I leaned forward and pressed my forehead against the tops of his feet. I ran my hands up his legs, caressing his calves, then his thighs. I kissed his feet lightly and swept my hair across them. I felt him shiver.

"Get lower, down," he hissed as he pressed his palm against my back. He pulled my nightgown up so he could see my ass as I knelt before him with my cheek on the floor between his feet. "Good Kitten. You're right where you belong - on the floor at my feet."

I closed my eyes as a feeling of great calm washed over me. I don't know how long I I knelt there, touching him softly with my fingertips and lightly kissing his feet. At one point, he lifted me up to sit on his lap on the couch. I curled into his body as he slid his hand up under my nightgown. He fingered me gently and I sighed into his shoulder. In my heart, I was still at his feet.

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