Candy Cane

It took him two hours to discover that I wasn't wearing any underwear beneath my gray pleated skirt. "Kitten...," he moaned as he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh, feeling my thigh-high stockings, garter belt and shaved pussy.

We were stopped at a red light ten miles from his house and I was sitting in the passenger seat, sucking on a candy cane. Before the light could turn green, his fingers were inside me. He kept his eyes on the road and stared straight ahead as he touched me. His face was expressionless - I thought he was mad at me. I bit my lip and looked away.

As he pulled my left leg over the center console of the car and onto his lap, I realized that he wasn't mad but was focused on getting me home as quickly as possible. My skirt had fallen back above the tops of my stockings and my pussy was on display. He finger-fucked me furiously and told me to keep sucking on my candy cane. I shot nervous glances at the cars we passed along the way. He noticed and just smirked, sliding my skirt up higher.

At the house, he grabbed my arm and hustled me out of the car, whispering "you're mine now, Kitten" in my ear as we went. When we got into the house, he pushed me down onto all fours and lifted up my coat and skirt. I dropped my candy cane onto the floor as I spread my knees wider for him. He must have taken his cock out on the way into the house because he was inside me immediately, moving roughly and murmuring that I was already so wet.

He was fucking me so hard that I braced my arms flat on the floor, which incidentally let him slam into me harder. He came while I was moaning his name.

Then he made stand up in front of him and lift my skirt so he could see his cum drip out of me. He smiled sweetly as he traced the rivulets down the inside of my thighs.

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