He held me close to him while he touched himself. He had already fucked me into that floaty submissive place that leaves me breathless. His hands were roaming all over my body, exploring my curves and caressing my face.

"Kitten, tell me everything that you're feeling, right now. Tell me now," he cooed into my hair.

"I'm just so overwhelmed."

"Everything, Kitten. Tell me everything." His eyes were so dark and intense, black pools that I could drown in. I had to obey his command. My resolve was worthless.

"All I can feel is you. All I want is this feeling, right now. All I want is you." Words started pouring out of me. "Please don't leave, please, please don't leave, don't leave me, please don't leave me."

And I was suddenly sobbing into his chest, tears streaming down my face. He pulled back from me and looked down at me. He leaned forward and licked the tears off of my face. I could see the desire building in his eyes. My tears were turning him on. I looked away.

"Kitten...," he began softly. He stroked my back, my hair, cupped my chin in his hand so I was looking up into his eyes.

"Stay, please just stay with me, please stay."

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