I knew I was submissive long before I met Him. I had attempted to cajole any number of previous lovers into spanking me but it never went very far. Something was missing, not in the least their desire to hurt me.

I met Him and didn't know what I was in for. We met through friends when neither of us was looking for a relationship, let alone a D/s relationship. And needless to say, our first date...didn't exactly happen as planned.

We were supposed to get together for a drink on a Thursday night. We spent the week texting and e-mailing each other in an increasingly flirtatious manner - he was thinking about my lips, I wanted to feel his hands in my hair as he kissed my neck - but we were practically strangers. On Wednesday night, I gave in to my impulses and told him to come over. (You're thinking: what a slut! Don't worry, I was too.)

We wasted only a minute on small talk. He didn't even sit down before he pounced on me. He was suddenly, alarmingly unlike all of the other passive boys that I had been with before. He was strong and he was a man and there was no question.

Mid-embrace in the darkness of my bedroom, I told him quietly that I liked to be spanked and held down. That wasn't the half of it though. I didn't tell him about the things I thought about when I touched myself, the things that had slowly crept into my fantasies over the years. I didn't tell him that I needed for him to hurt me and control me. He chuckled softly and told me that he liked it rough too. In retrospect, it was quite possibly the most serious understatement that I have ever heard.

He started slowly and didn't push me that night, but I knew from that moment that my life would never be the same. From the first time he pushed my head down on his cock and made me choke just because he wanted to hear me gag, I was his.

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