He let me pick out my own restraints. I pointed shyly to a pair of black leather wrist cuffs that interlock and have metal rings. He fingered the rings and mused out loud how he could tie me to something with the rings. I had imagined these exact cuffs in my fantasies and almost couldn't believe that I was holding them in the store. He bought them and handed me the bag with that look in his eyes that says he has plans for me.

At home later, he fastened my wrists in front of my face and held me close to him, practically growling in anticipation. He put me on my stomach on the bed and started touching my pussy from behind while I squirmed against him, arms tight in front of me. He pulled me up onto my knees and started fucking me from behind. I couldn't control his thrusts against me and I fell forward, unable to get away from his grasp.

Quickly, he had me on my back and was on top of me, roughly forcing my knees apart with his hips. He pushed my arms above my head and held them there, leaning his weight on my wrists.

He fucked me hard and demanded, "Does it hurt, does it?"

"No," I shook my head and tried to bear up under him. I tried to be brave. I was such a fool.

"Wrong answer," he growled and fucked me harder. "Does it hurt now?"

"Yes, yes it hurts!" I gasped, barely able to keep taking his violent thrusts.

"Good," and he let up for a moment, just long enough to lean over me and whisper in my ear, "I want to break you."

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