I trust Him completely now, but when we first met, I was very wary of him. I had been sweet-talked and lied to by enough vanilla men to be hesitant. But he wanted me to trust him without question, to put myself in his hands. He would hold me late at night, stroking my hair, and tell me that he was always going to protect me, that he would never let anyone hurt me, that he would keep me safe.

I never understood exactly what he meant - protect me from what? Space aliens? - but he made me feel safe and secure all the same. He has a man's body with hair on his chest and I started to feel an unnatural affinity for that chest hair. I would lay my head on his chest and stroke it after coming. I always felt like a child, drifting off to sleep safe in her parents' arms.

One night we went out to dinner and were walking back to my apartment. My street is relatively quiet, so it was strange when a man started walking close behind us on the sidewalk. He noticed the strange man, shot him a nasty look and put his arm tightly around my shoulder. The man slowed down and crossed the street away from us; he soon disappeared from sight. I sighed with relief and he smiled down at me. "I'll always keep you safe, Kitten. Don't worry. I'll protect you."

When we got back to the apartment, he pulled me close to him and kissed me deeply. Slowly, he slid his hand down the front of my jeans and discovered what his words had done to me - made me immediately soaking wet and aroused for him.


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I just read you today, and I loved what I read. I've linked back.
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Thanks for reading, Songs! I've linked to you too and look forward to reading about your adventures with Bear!

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