I answered the door in my short pleated skirt, the one He ordered me to wear for him. He told me that he would take me out in that skirt with no underwear and that he would make sure that he fucked me somewhere public with the skirt pulled up around my waist. Today, however, the skirt would be staying inside.

I opened the door, wearing the skirt, high-heeled sandals and a camisole. "Hi Daddy," I breathed and leaned in to kiss him chastely on the cheek.

"Baby, hi," he said wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight, lifting my feet a few inches off of the ground. "How's my girl?"

"Ok, Daddy." I stepped away from him and saw his eyes rake over my body, down my bare legs and back up my body, lingering on my breasts peeking out of the top of my camisole.

"Have you been a good girl for Daddy?," he asked, stepping closer.

"I...I think so," I stammered nervously, twisting the hem of my skirt in my hand.

"Not sure, little one? Have you been naughty again?" He cupped my chin in his hand.

"I don't know...," I trailed, wondering if he could sense the wetness between my legs. If he found out...

"Have you been touching your little cunt without permission?"

Oh no, he had my number. "Maybe a little. I was going to tell you, promise!" I pouted prettily, hoping that he would forgive me immediately.

"You know the rules," he said, advancing on me as I backed away. "What are the rules, tell me."

I dropped my eyes. "I can't touch my pussy without permission from you." He held up a hand and raised his eyebrows. "My cunt, sorry. I can't touch my cunt without permission from you. And no one else can touch my cunt except for you."

"That's right," he stepped close, running his hand up my bare arm. I shivered. "And why is that?"

I paused and looked up at him. "Because it's your cunt, Daddy."

"Mmm...," he murmured as he ran his hand down my body, brushing my nipples with the tips of his fingers. His hand stopped at the hem of my skirt. "It is my cunt, all mine," he whispered as he lifted my skirt up and stepped back to admire the view. He stepped back closer and tucked the front hem of the skirt into the waistband. He slowly ran his hand over my exposed stomach, down to my pussy. He wiggled one finger between the folds. I gasped as he touched my clit, which was already wet and throbbing.

"Why is your cunt so wet, little girl?," he sighed. I bit my lip. "Face the wall, hands flat," he ordered. I turned and he lifted the back of my skirt up, tucking the hem into the waistband. He pulled my camisole up over my breasts and cupped them from behind, pulling at the nipples until I started to squirm.

"You know Daddy's rules, and you deliberately broke a rule so now I have to punish you." He slid his hands down and caressed the cheeks of my ass.

"Yes Daddy."

"I'm going to spank you and teach you a lesson. Thank Daddy for reminding you how to be a good little girl again."

"Thank you, Daddy," I whispered, feeling my face burn with shame.

"Louder," he demanded as smacked my right ass cheek.

"Thank you, Daddy," I said louder, closing my eyes in anticipation of a brutal punishment from him.

"Good girl, now you're going to take twenty." Before I could think to question the number, I heard him unbuckle his belt and slide it out of the loops.

"Daddy, please, not the belt...," I whined, looking pleadingly at him over my shoulder.

"Quiet. Twenty strokes," he said sternly. He put his hand on the back of my neck, tilting me forward so that my forehead was against the wall and my ass was pointed out toward him.
He nudged my legs farther apart. I took a deep breath and, just as I let it out, he brought the belt down across the tops of my legs. I pulled away and shrieked, but he just tightened his grip on the back of my neck and forced me up against the wall.

"What do you say?," he breathed in my ear.

"Thank you, Daddy," I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

"Good girl," and he quickly hit me again across the cheeks of my ass. "Again."

"Thank you, Daddy."

He continued to beat me, until my knees were shaking and the wetness from my pussy was running down my thighs. My behind was hot and sore, even more so when he ran his hand over it. I was having trouble standing and I hung my head so he couldn't see my tears. He pressed his body up against me and started whispering in my ear.

"Do you think you've learned to leave Daddy's cunt alone?"

"Yes, sir," I whispered hesitantly. Was he going to make me take more from the belt? I felt him fidgeting with something behind me and then I felt his hard cock against the cheeks of my sore ass.

"Your punishment isn't over," he said slowly, quietly. He pulled me closer to him by my hips and rubbed his cock against the wetness between my legs. "You know what Daddy wants now."

I nodded, apprehensive. He had been training me to take his cock, slowly teaching me to fuck him the way that he likes. I made sure that my feet were spread apart and I tilted my ass back toward him even more.

"Be a good girl," he cooed as he threaded his fingers through my hair. He pulled back sharply on my head as he forced his cock into my pussy. He started thrusting slowly, pushing me harder against the wall. "That's a good girl, take Daddy's cock."

It hurt and it felt so good all at the same time and before I knew it, he was urging me to come for him. "C'mon baby, come for Daddy, come all over my cock...," he kept up insistently as I moved in time with his hips. He put his hands over mine on the wall and held them there as I started coming, bucking against him and moaning. He held me tight as I came for him.

When my moans subsided, he turned me to face him. He cupped my chin in his hands and smiled at me. He took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to my bedroom, sitting me down on the bed in front of him. "Lay back and open your legs for me," he said as he leaned over me, cock in hand. He slid into me as he wrapped my legs around his waist.

I held on to his shoulder as he fucked me, slowly at first and then harder. He murmured into my hair, his voice soft and full of lust. "Daddy loves you so much, baby. You're such a good girl for Daddy." I gripped him closer as he pounded me harder and came in shuddering gasps.

"My girl...," he sighed as he laid beside me on the bed and caressed my face. "You love pleasing me don't you?"

I smiled and nodded happily. "Yes, Daddy. I do. Very much."

"Good girl."

The foregoing is a fantasy, about which I'm trying to work up the courage to tell Him. Wish me luck!


Tex said...

That was soo good Kitten,
I would tell him, you know he would love to hear what you wanted.

Kitten said...


I think I will soon. Maybe I'll just whisper it in his ear ;-)


HisGirl said...

Oh you HAVE to tell Him. He will be so pleased. Daddy loved this by the way!

Kitten said...

His girl -

I told him this weekend and it went over VERY well.