He doesn't often withhold orgasms from me, although he has threatened to do so. Instead, he likes to force more and more out of me. I was always a girl who could come easily and I could have more than one orgasm if the circumstances warranted. But with him, I have become unapologetically multi-orgasmic. I will have three orgasms in the course of a 30 minute phone call with him; in person, the orgasms come so fast and so often that I lose count.

He usually brings me close - with his words, with his touch, with my touch - and then he demands that I come for him. His voice is strong and commanding. There is no question that I will come hard. More importantly, it is clear that I will come for him. My orgasm is no longer my own, demonstrated for my only my pleasure. It is his. He owns it, along with the rest of me, and it can be drawn out as he pleases.

After a time of simply demanding that I come for him, he added another layer and required that I ask him permission to come. Now he makes me beg for it until I am dying to come for him, just for him. This extra layer of control reinforces that my body exists for his pleasure and that he has the right to manage my orgasms.

What I didn't realize was that this pattern was burning a new pathway in my brain. Without knowing it, I was being trained.

Recently, he was on top of me and my ankles were on his shoulders. I had already come several times and I wasn't in a position that is conducive to another orgasm if I've come already. Don't get me wrong - the deep penetration and stimulation is amazing and I can come in this position, but it is not the usual thing. At that moment, I wasn't close to coming. I would need to rub my clit for some time before I could come like that.

But then this magical thing happened. He looked right at me and said, "Come for me now, Kitten, now, come for me." From out of nowhere, my legs started shaking. There was a strange pulsing feeling deep in my pussy, then it was over me in waves. The orgasm took hold of me, took my breath away. I gasped up at him, eyes wide in disbelief. The orgasm had a life of its own. It took over and was squeezing me for all of its worth.

It was amazing. Did he know that he was doing that? That he had linked his demand for my orgasm with the act itself. That he had reworked my wiring so that his voice became part of the trigger. It has happened since then, just once, but now that I know that it can happen, the possibilities seem limitless. His words, his will can accomplish anything and my completely controlled body is the vehicle. It exists for him.


HisGirl said...

What a strange coincidence. i am SO glad you "get" this. i wouldn't have believed it...right? i hope you intend to talk more about this, because i certainly do. i always thought the girls who claimed this were exaggerating, but wow. How amazing is that? i am so happy for you.
-His girl

Tex said...

Very good Kitten,
You have responded to your training well. I liked the green and I'm sorry to see you change it. But I realize you will not be the same person when you finish training as when you started so I understand the need to change. Take care, Tex

Kitten said...

His girl: I still don't believe it. Maybe it's because I am SO turned on by Him that I can come so easily for him? I'm super envious of girls who can come with no physical stimulation at all. I'm not sure that's a realistic goal for me.

Tex: The color change may not be permanent. I'm just messing around with it and learning about how to use Blogger. But I'll remember - one vote for green!