Traffic Stop

The car in front of His car pulled through a red light and made a last-minute left turn...right in front of the police car sitting across the intersection.

"Wow, that guy has balls to do that right in front of a cop."

"I know, right?," I agreed, somewhat distractedly. I wasn't driving so I wasn't exactly paying attention.

"If I was that cop, I'd pull that guy over in a second."

"Oh my god, you'd be such a dick cop," I teased him. Seriously though, can you imagine a worse opportunity for abuse of power: a dominant with state-issued handcuffs and a weapon?

"Oh, I'd pull you over in a second," he said suggestively, leering at me out of the corner of his eye as the light turned green.

Uh-oh, I thought. He just flipped the switch. We just went from casual conversation, one in which I can sass him and there is no power-exchange, to one in which the overtones of power are evident and every word I say means something else. There is a shift inside of me, too. It used to happen without my knowledge, but now I can feel it. It is the catch in the back of my throat that makes me breathless and quiet, it is the sinking like stepping onto soft dirt and feeling it slowly collapse under my feet.

He slowed the car to a stop at the next light and turned to me. He held my face in his hand. "I'd stop you and make you get out of the car." He shook his head and smiled slowly at me. "I'd cuff you and put in the back of the car. And I think I'd have to spank you to punish you for running that light."

I stared at him, eyes wide. I squirmed at the sudden wetness in my panties.

He turned my face from side to side, considering. "You'd try to get out of it, but I'd spank you anyway. And you would look so good in those handcuffs." He released my face as the light turned green and returned his eyes to the road.


Tex said...

Yes Kitten,
He should handcuff you face down in the back seat and fuck you while writing a ticket on the roof of the car. That would be hot I think....

Kitten said...

Yes, I think that was His thinking exactly...


-:- crystalline -:- said...

i loved hearing you write about the shift in tone, the shift in power. your description is lovely, thank you!


Pixiepie said...

hi kitten,
funny how it only takes a minute..a word to change the mood. nicely expressed. :)

Kitten said...

crystalline and pixie -

That shift in tone still surprises me. At least this time it didn't get me in trouble!