He made me take my pants off in the kitchen. I stood there in my sweater, black lace thong panties and boots. "Take those off too," he gestured to the sweater and panties, "but keep your boots on." He put my hands on the counter and kicked my feet apart so he could feel between my legs. I was already so wet.

He led me by the hand into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed while he lit a candle and got settled. "Close your eyes," he said and I did. I felt his hands all over my body, then the sting of the hot wax across my breasts. I opened my eyes and squealed in surprise, eliciting a stern "Close them!," from him. He trailed the wax down my stomach and on the insides of my thighs, drawing more squeals out of me. He flipped me over onto my stomach and dripped the wax down my back and onto my ass.

He pulled my head up by my hair. "Get down there and suck it," he growled. I knelt between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, sucking slowly with his hand in my hair. I pulled my head up and he smacked me across the face. He put my face back down on his cock and pulled me back up by my hair and slapped me again. The slaps were harder than I'm used to and I felt the tears well up hot, fast. He put me back down on this cock and I stifled a sob as I sucked. Back up, slap, back down on his cock, repeated, again and again. Tears streaming, nose running, he didn't stop. He kept going, again and again.

He lifted me up and put me on my knees on the floor beside the bed. He stood over me and held up his hand to slap me. I flinched, put my hand up to my face. "Put your arms down and hold still," he warned as he twisted his hand tighter in my hair. I clenched my fists to my sides and tilted my face up toward him.

"Good girl," he cooed, caressing my face before slapping me hard against my cheek, harder than I thought possible. I started sobbing again, shaking with the tears. "I can go easier on you. I can stop," he suggested in his most patronizing voice.

"No, no, please don't stop," I begged, knowing that this was what he had been waiting for all week, what I had been waiting for for a lifetime. He slapped me as he taunted me over and over again.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please don't stop."

"I can't hear you."

"Please, don't stop!" And he landed the hardest blow yet.


That's the last thing that I remember before I went under, before I went away. My body kept moving and feeling, but I was somewhere else. I was on that ocean shore at night, watching the waves crash and pull back. I was in the special place where I go to in deep meditation. I wasn't with Him anymore.

I only know what happened next because he put the pieces together for me later.

He brought me back up onto the bed and spanked me until my ass was red and hot to his touch. Then he got out the new anal plug that he bought me as I laid on my stomach on the bed. The plug is purple and has two bulbs so it can go partway in or sink deep all the way in to the widest point. He bought the plug to get me ready to take his cock. After he trained me with the plug, I'd have no more excuses.

He lubed up my asshole with his fingers, probing in and out as I moaned softly into the sheets. He slid the plug in partway and wiggled it slowly back and forth, watching me squirm. After a moment, he pushed it all the way in.

That's when he took the pictures, the humiliating record of how very submissive I was to him at that moment. The close-ups of the plug deep in my ass, the shots of me on all fours from behind with the plug in my ass, the full-length pictures of me sprawled out on the bed with his hand opening the lips of my pussy. And the worst one - the shot of my face with that priceless look.

After a couple of minutes, he noticed that I seemed more uncomfortable. I was squirming and started begging him to take the plug out. He made me lift my head so he could hear me beg and he saw me crawl back onto all fours. I rocked back and forth, begging and crying.


Somewhere deep in the sand, I felt the pressure of the plug. I tried to stay, I kept repeating my mantra to myself but I was being pulled away.

Suddenly, I was back on the bed with the plug in my ass. I was crying, pleading for him to take it out. It was too much. He pushed it in farther, wiggled it back and forth as I rocked and moaned, and then he finally pulled it out. I collapsed in exhaustion on the bed and went back under.


Again, He fills in the missing pieces. He pushed the plug halfway in and told me to touch my pussy while he did it. I laid on my stomach with my arm underneath me, rubbing my wet clit with three fingers. My moaning turned guttural, until I was practically an animal writhing beneath him. As I grew closer to coming, I begged him to push the plug all the way in.

He did and I exploded, screaming obscenities.

After that, he removed the plug and stroked my hair while my breathing returned to normal. He lifted me onto his lap and had me straddle him. Spent, I fucked him with my head down on his shoulder. Although I don't remember this, apparently I didn't stop talking the entire time, telling him that I have never loved anyone as much as him. He came hard inside me, holding me tight.


I came back out. "What was that?," I asked, dazed. What had just happened?


Anonymous said...

Wow Kitten,
Worth waiting for I see now. Glad you are back and that you have the pictures to remind you of how you are loved.

Kitten said...


Thanks for the welcome back. I was quite ill last week, but I'll be posting again this week. Unfortunately my schedule is a little crazy, so I may not post every day this week.

And those pictures...He loves them, but I still feel very unsettled about them.


DL's toy said...

Totally hot. i just read this and am moving up the row to catch up. Glad you're feeling better (me too!)