I was straddling him, sitting on his lap as he sat up on the bed. He had my breasts in his hands and was threatening me with the nipple clamps.

"I don't even need to use the clamps on you, do I?," he said, pinching both nipples between his fingers. I squirmed and gasped against his fingers. "See, if you pull away, I just clamp tighter." He twisted harder. I closed my eyes and bit back a moan.

"Open your eyes and look at me, slut," he ordered, momentarily releasing my nipples before clamping down on them again. I cried out with the pain, the hot ache that was worse than before.

He pulled me closer to him by the nipples and whispered in my ear. " like the pain, don't you?" I shook my head and tried to squirm away from him. "Say you like the pain. Say, 'I'm a slut and I love the pain'."

"I like the pain," I mumbled. He twisted harder until I relented. "Okay, okay. I'm a slut and I love the pain."

"That's right, you're my slut, just for me." He released my nipples for a moment, then clamped down on them hard for the final time. The pain shot through me, white hot. My mind was a flash of light and pain.

He released me and I sat back, gasping for a moment. He sat forward and wrapped me up in his arms. We sat face to face with our legs around each other. He traced his fingers over my sore nipples in slow circles.

"I know everything you want, Kitten, everything you desire," he murmured into my hair. "I know things that you don't even know you want." He started tracing his index finger from my cheek, down my neck and across my chest. "I know that you want to feel the cold blade down your body," he said quietly.

"You do?" The fantasies had just recently awoken in my mind. They were unformed, practically unknown to myself. How could he know?

"Yes, you want to feel it across your stomach and maybe feel it dig in a little here," he pressed his fingers against my abdomen, "or here," he pressed against my thigh. "That's what you've wanted, isn't it?"

I looked down at my hands, then back up at him. "Yes," I whispered, astonished at how he could read my mind.

"Has anyone ever done that to you before?"

I shook my head. " one except me." I grinned ruefully and rolled my eyes, trying to make light of a heavy topic. He didn't press the matter though, he just kept touching me lightly with his fingertips.

"I know everything you need, Kitten. And I will give it to you." He moved his hand up to my face and drew his fingertips across my cheek and down across my neck as he pinned me beneath him.


Anonymous said...

very hot, I would like to see the scars.

HisGirl said...

AMAZING how they know, they just DO. Good for you girl! Sounds like things are progressing with you nicely. i've had a bit of a break, & you haven't done a "how you are" post. How are you?

-His girl

Pixiepie said...

oh kitten...the knife. if you ever want to talk about what it is like let me know...Richard has cut me many times. The first time was the hardest. Let me know if you want to talk.

Kitten said...

Anon: No scars yet, just the *threat* of scars.

HisGirl: Things have been busy. We were both sick with the flu and I have been traveling for work. But we've managed to spend a good amount of time together and have some wonderful experiences. Things continue apace!

Pixie: I am very nervous about the knife and I'm not sure what to expect. I'd love to talk to you about it. Can I e-mail you at pixiepie at wordpress dot com?


moonheart said...

Yes the knife.....* sigh * i am also curious about it ánd afraid. My Owner has a beautiful Swiss knife as He wrote me in the beginning of our contact and those words made me shiver and feed my fantasy.

Sweet greetz from Holland, mo

Kitten said...

moonheart: Welcome and thanks for commenting. Let me know if anything develops between you, your Owner and the knife. I'd love to hear about your experiences!