Crawl, Part II

I knelt on the bathroom floor, naked and shaking in the darkness. I started to sob, crouching there on my hands and knees, alone. I couldn't believe how low I had sunk, how degraded I had become. Look what He had done to me, what I gave him my submission to let him do to me. How had I arrived at this place?


He was choking me, holding my throat tightly as he fucked me hard.

"Tell me you love being choked while I fuck you," he demanded. I couldn't get any words out. When I hesitated, he slapped my face hard. "Tell me, now."

"I love it," I murmured. He slapped me again.

"Louder," he ordered. "Speak up when you're talking to me."

"I love it," I sobbed.

I was still sniffling when he had me suck his cock. He choked me on it again and again, making my eyes water and my nose run even more. I was having trouble breathing and needed a tissue.

"May I please get a tissue?" I knew enough by now to ask for permission.

"No, keep sucking it," and he pushed my head back down. I couldn't believe that he said no because he never had before.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock with his hand on the back of my head, he let me up to get a tissue. He let me walk there.

But when I got to the bathroom, I heard him call out to me. "Crawl back in here to me."


That's how I ended up crouched on the bathroom floor, faced with the prospect of crawling back to him. I don't know what it was about crawling that seemed impossible to me at that moment. I just felt like it was too much, too degrading, too much to ask of me. We had reached a plateau in my submission some time ago and I had been fine for weeks, but suddenly we were climbing again. The climb was steep and I wasn't sure I could make it.

I knelt there, naked and cold, all alone. But what choice did I have? This was submission, there was no choice for me today. I crawled back to him and faced what I had coming to me.


Anonymous said...

So good Kitten,
You commit yourself so unconditionally, it's beautiful.
Thanks for sharing,

waiting4him said...

that one moment...when you realize the choice is always to obey...::sigh::
Beautifully written.


Kitten said...

Tex and lc: The choice is...there is no choice, really. It is unconditional and that makes it challenging, but I wouldn't have it any other way.