He came up behind me as I stood at the bathroom sink brushing my teeth. He rested his hands lightly on my hips and stared at me in the mirror. I finished brushing - reluctantly spitting in front of him - and straightened up to look at his reflection. He pulled down my panties and turned me toward him, getting on his knees in front of me. I stood on my toes and spread my legs, sitting back on the counter a bit to give him access to my pussy. He sucked hard on my clit and I gasped in response. I came hard, grinding my pelvis against his face.

Without providing me with much opportunity to recover, he pushed me down to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. He held it in front of my face. "Do you want this?," he asked with an innocent look on his face. Of course I wanted it, I always want him in my mouth. I nodded eagerly.

"Beg for it then," he ordered with a hardened expression on his face.

"Please?," I asked with wide eyes.

"It doesn't sound like you want it," he said regretfully and he started to tuck his cock back into his pants.

"No, please, I really do want it! Please!," I begged desperately, holding onto his hands so he wouldn't finish fastening his pants. "Please, can I have your cock in my mouth?" I bit my lip in anticipation.

He sighed as if he was bothered by the suggestion. "Fine, here," he said as he offered me his cock. I lapped at it with enthusiasm and his reluctance seemed to ebb away. He held my hair and guided me up and down his shaft for a few minutes before he pulled my face away.

"Go into the bedroom," he ordered. I stood up to walk out of the bathroom, but he held me down on my knees. "No, crawl there."

I looked up at him for a moment. I didn't know what to do. He held my gaze, challenging me to refuse him. "I'm not kidding. Crawl." I leaned forward onto all fours and slowly crawled into the hallway in front of him. He held my by the hair and led me into the bedroom. When we reached the bed he sat down, pulling me on my knees in front of him.

"Good girl," he spoke as if to a puppy. I felt like an animal, low and obedient. It was humiliating but it turned me on.

"Go get my belt," and he pointed across the room. I paused again, held my breath for a beat. I didn't think he was going to let me stand to get it.

"That's right," he said, reading my mind, "crawl to get it and bring it back to me in your mouth." Oh, it was worse that I thought. I had been so focused on worrying about him watching my ass as I crawled away from him that I overlooked the fact that I would have to carry the belt back to him. In my mouth, obviously.

I slowly crawled across the room to retrieve the belt. I stared at it for a moment, trying to figure out another way to bring it back. He snapped his fingers impatiently, so I just put in between my teeth and crawled back to him, eyes lowered.

"Good girl," he cooed as he took the belt from me. I knelt beside him as he looped the belt around my neck and pulled it tight. After it was fastened around my neck, he stood quickly and walked across the room. He pulled me along behind him. I scrambled along the floor, trying to keep up with him, trying to keep from being choked.

He doubled back, jerking on the belt to make me turn to follow him, and led me over to the door of the bedroom. I kept my eyes on the ground. I knew what was on the door: a full-length mirror. He pulled me up to a stop in front of it.

"Look at yourself."

I shook my head. I couldn't look up. I knew what I would see and I wasn't sure that I could handle it.

"Do it, look at yourself," he ordered, jerking my head up by my hair.

I stared at the girl in the mirror. The panic on her face - panic from the belt around her neck, panic from being choked and pulled around on the hardwood floor - was evident. Was it possible that the girl in the mirror was me? As long as I looked away, I could pretend that these things that were happening, these humiliating and degrading things, were happening to someone else, someone outside of myself. But once I looked in the mirror, it was as if a hidden part of myself came crashing into my reality.

Those horrible fantasies, those terrible things He did, they were all a part of me. The real me. I didn't have those things hidden apart from myself any more. He had brought it all together, brought it all out into the open to share. My secret life was over.

I collapsed at his feet, sobbing. He reached down to stroke my hair and then unbuckled the belt. He lifted me up off of the floor and carried me over to the bed in his arms. I was breathing erratically, almost having a panic attack. He sat with me, telling me to breathe until I fell into a trance. My eyes were unfocused, but I could feel him next to me. I kept breathing, we all kept breathing.


Songs said...

Ohh..Kitten it was hot until you got upset :[
Not something I like to hear.

Anonymous said...

Very Hot Kitten,
To picture you crawling across the floor like a Pet. Has your owner ever beaten you so bad you couldn't blog about or talk about it? Tex

Kitten said...

Songs: I was upset, but it was a positive experience in the end. He has been putting these parts of me together, which hasn't always been easy. But it is rewarding and has bonded us together in the most amazing way.

Tex: No, he hasn't beaten me that badly. Yet.


moonheart said...

i also find it hot! And your Owner took good care of you at the end, so it wasn't a bad experience. i can relate to being upset. i'm in a new D/s relationship and this time it is so intense and more real than ever, it feels great but i'm also frightened because i know this Man will bring out All of me.

Tnx for posting this.
Greetings, mo

Kitten said...

moonheart: It can be scary, but the only option is to move forward. There would be no freedom or satisfaction without that.

Thanks for reading!