He laid me across his lap for my spanking. "You need it hard, don't you?," he asked in a hushed voice before he began. I squirmed with anticipation on his lap, happy to be the focus of his attention and discipline. It felt like being bathed in a warm light.

He started spanking me hard, methodically working one cheek and then the other. As my ass cheeks grew hot with the blows, he started testing my weakness - finding the sensitive spots and hitting those spots over and over.

After a time, he rolled me off of his lap and told me to wait, face down on the bed, for him to come back. I heard him go into the other room and unhook the belt from his pants. I whimpered as I heard the jingle of the belt buckle above me. I heard him work the leather of the belt between his hands.

He whipped the belt across my ass, lightly at first, making full use of the flexible leather. He warmed up to the feel of each blow, landing harder strokes and allowing several strokes to fall on the backs of my thighs.

I was gasping at how much each stroke stung and burned, at how the pain from the hardest strokes lingered on my skin. He watched me writhe in the sheets, waiting for me to return to position before he continued. I thought I was maintaining quite well at that point, aside from a slight buzzing in my head and a fuzziness around the edges of my vision.

He leaned over me and pulled my head off of the bed by my hair. He put his mouth close to my ear. "You wanted this, remember? You begged for this," he growled.

"Yes Sir," I stated clearly, confident that I could withstand the belt on my ass. Pain concentrated in that area has always been so highly sexualized for me that it is almost completely divorced from my traditional understanding of pain.

But then he started beating me across my back with the belt. I shuddered as he worked his way up from the middle of my back to my shoulders. I tried to lay still on my stomach with my hands underneath me, but I couldn't help but move in response to the pain. I was crying and curled up on my side with my fists clenched in front of my face. I was fighting the pain, holding tight inside to keep it together.

He picked me up and deposited me on the floor next to the bed in my kneeling spot. I cringed with my face against the bed as he ran his fingers lightly over my back, over the - were those welts? Yes, I could feel them raised up and hot across my back.

"You are going to take five more across your back," he said gently into my ear. I heard him snap the leather in his hands and braced myself. Once he began, my mind was a swirl of chaos and noise; behind me, I heard him counting out each stroke as it fell.

"Now you're going to take three more."

"No," I wailed, still reeling from the sharp bite of the last five.

"Fine, five more then," and he started counting. When he was done, he made me stand up. I was woozy and I stumbled backwards for a moment. Once I was steady, I felt him loop the belt around my neck and pull it tight. I started to sputter as he buckled it around my neck, pinching the skin on the side of my neck as he did so.

"Hold still, slut," he growled as he pulled me to him by the long lead. I looked up at him with my mouth hanging open in astonishment. I couldn't believe what was happening. His lips twisted into a cruel smile before he turned me to the bed and pushed me down on all fours in front of him. He pulled back on the belt as he thrust in to me roughly. He taunted me as he fucked me and choked me by pulling on the belt, calling me his slutty little pet, his whore. I heard him spit and then felt him work a wet finger into my asshole.

"Come on my cock like a naughty girl, come right now," he demanded. As he fucked me in both my holes, I came and collapsed on my stomach on the bed. He knelt over me to unbuckle the belt from my neck and lay it across my back.

He laid next to me and brushed my hair out of my eyes. I lifted my head and looked into his eyes. I was calm and certain, steady.

"Look at you," he marveled, "look at that look. You're still so hungry, aren't you?"

I didn't break his gaze. I was right there with him.

"You can take more, can't you?," he asked with an excited look in his eyes. "Can you kneel and take more for me?"

"Whatever you want, Sir." I was already moving to kneel by the bed. Once I was in place, he paused over me with the belt in his hand.

"I love you, Kitten," he said with a cautionary note in his voice. Was he afraid to hurt me any more?

I smiled up at him. "I love you." Tonight, he would learn more about my capacity for pain; we both would.

He pushed my forehead down against the mattress. "Now, you will take ten. Count out loud."


Songs said...

Mmm. I love spankings. Just not with a mean ol' belt. :(
I would be very scared with a belt looped round my neck though-I've never been one for breath play.
Still-so hot, commanding you to come, finger in your ass and all that. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kitten,
You amaze even me with your tolerance and need for pain and I wasn't even there! I can't wait to hear more!!

Kitten said...

songs: The belt around my neck was such a terrifying surprise. I think He like the reaction so much that he did it again a few days later.

Tex: My tolerance and need only seems to grow. I am excited to see where this takes us.

Thanks for reading, all!

Anonymous said...

wow! its been some time since i was in a relationship that involved many similar beltings...palms against the wall...lashes counted out across my bare back...as punishment for misbehaving during a spanking. i love being taken close to the limits of what i can bare... this really took me back. ty! i do miss it! wendy

Kitten said...

Wendy: Thanks for reading and for your comments!