Wake Up

I woke up with His mouth on my clit. I stretched as he pushed my legs apart and brought me to orgasm with amazing rapidity. As my moans subsided, my alarm went off. I hit snooze and rolled over.

He curled up behind me and pressed his stiff cock against my back. He lifted up my nightgown and slid inside me from behind. We fucked slowly, sleepily. He moaned throatily in my ear as we moved together.

My alarm went off again, but he held me close, thrusting deep inside me. I told him that I would be late for work, but he ignored my protests. "Stay right where you are," he hissed in my ear. He fucked me for a few minutes more before letting me up to go shower.

I was toweling off after my shower when I saw his hand around the edge of the bathroom door. He had his camera phone in his hand.

"Open the towel, Kitten," he said softly. "Don't roll your eyes, little girl," he warned and he raised the camera. He snapped a few pictures of my naked body and then left the room, smiling at all of his early morning surprises and the shocked look on my face.

Later, I was the the bedroom getting dressed when I noticed that he was looking at the pictures and at my body. I knew what he was up to.

"Please, don't. I'll be late and I can't be late today," I pleaded but that may have spurred him on. He loves it when I beg.

He smirked and started touching himself. "You're not leaving until I come," he said. I finished getting ready while he continued to stroke his cock. "Come over here," he moaned. "Kneel down next to the bed." I knelt, making sure I didn't wrinkle my suit skirt.

He watched me kneeling there watching him and he stroked faster. I saw his orgasm build and then he came on the bed, right where I sleep. "Now, lick it up," he said when he stopped coming.

"What?," I asked, incredulous.

"Lick up my come and then you can go to work." I started lapping at the come pooled on the sheets. I was humiliated, but I was also in a hurry. Being a submissive on a schedule is quite a challenge sometimes, you know. "I won't mess up your makeup by rubbing your face in my come, not this time at least," he laughed as I grimaced.

When I was done, he patted my cheek. "Good girl," he said, "now have a good day at work."


Songs said...

Nice. Bear likes when I beg/panic too.

Kitten said...

Sadists, both of them ;-)