Tears, Part II

We laid on top of the blankets in our pajamas, face to face. He was so close that his features were blurred, chocolate brown eyes, soft lips, my fingers against his cheek.

"I love your smile," I murmured softly. "It's the first thing I noticed when I saw you." I sighed wistfully as he pulled me closer. Our noses touched.

"I thought you were beautiful the moment I saw you," he whispered and kissed my eyelids. I blushed and nuzzled his face affectionately. He pressed his hips against mine. I could feel his hardness against me.

He kissed my lips slowly, lingering, as he ground his hips into me insistently. My breathing quickened. I had to have him at that moment.

"Please," I begged quietly against his lips, "please, can I have you on top of me?"

He sighed with lust and pushed my nightgown up over my hips. He slipped off his pajama pants and quickly climbed on top of me, putting my ankles on his shoulders. He leaned down to look into my eyes as he started fucking me slowly.

I'll do anything for you
Anything you want me too
I'll do anything for you
Oohoh I'm sticking with you
Oohoh I'm sticking with you
Oohoh I'm sticking with you

The Velvet Underground played softly in the background, putting words to the feelings in my heart. I felt held, loved, I felt him over me, all around me. He looked into my eyes as he moved over me. I felt so full that my heart might burst. The tears welled up in the eyes and spilled down the sides of my face.

"Oh, Kitten," he moaned softly and leaned down to kiss the tears from my cheeks. He fucked me deeper, deeper.

I cried for all the love I held for him inside of me, for everything that I couldn't say. I cried tears of fear and loss and hope, above all hope, that I would never have to live without him. I cried tears of overwhelming joy. As I cried, he moved faster above me, looking down at me with such love in his eyes that I could only cry more. He leaned down, cradling me in his arms, even as my legs were bent over my head. It didn't matter how uncomfortable I was. I just wanted him to hold me, to soothe me, as he came deep inside me.


Anonymous said...

You are so talented Kitten,
I look forward to you each day.

Songs said...

That was so beautiful.
I love lying so close his features blur. And I'm a nuzzler too!

Kitten said...

Tex: Thanks so much for reading every day! I really appreciate your feedback.

songs: Whenever I nuzzle Him like that, he always laughs and tells me that I really am a kitten. It's too cute.


sub lyn said...

Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...that was beautiful... wendy