I was going to be away for work for five days, almost an eternity to be away from Him. (Yes, we are a bit co-dependent and we're okay with that.) I unexpectedly had a weekday afternoon at home - time for a nap, to pack, clean up a bit - before I had to leave that evening.

I was laying on the couch, flipping channels, when he texted me.

Him: I want you.
Kitten: I want you too.
Him: How bad?
Kitten: Very, very bad.

This sort of idle texting wasn't unusual for us. We spent most of our time at work alternately working,missing each other and getting hot for each other. What can I say? We're like two teenagers sometimes ;-)

Him: I wish I was there to taste you. Are you home?
Kitten: Yes, I'm home.

I stayed on the couch, lazily contemplating how long I could nap before I had to get to the airport. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at my door. I sat up with a start and looked around the apartment. It had to be the superintendent of the building. Anyone else would have to be buzzed in through the main entrance door. The super had found out that I had been smoking in my apartment and had come to yell at me. I quickly gathered up the ashtray and the lighter and stowed them under the couch.

There was the knock again, louder this time. I minced toward the door. Maybe I could pretend not to be home? I looked through the peephole, but it was dark. That bastard put his finger over the peephole so I couldn't see him!

I flung the door open, ready to be evicted from the apartment, but He was standing there with a seductive smile on his face. He pushed me into the apartment, dropping his coat in the hallway as the door slammed behind us. I sputtered in surprise for a few seconds. I couldn't get over the fact that he was standing there at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

"Up against the wall, don't make a sound," he growled with that grin still on his face. He pushed me against the wall by the back of my neck and then placed my palms on the wall above my head. "You didn't expect to see me today, did you?," he seethed. I shook my head no and kept my eyes straight ahead. "Surprise, little girl. You never know what to expect. Remember, always be ready."

As he stripped me naked in the hallway and put me back up against the wall, he noticed my smile. "What is it, Kitten?"

"I'm just so glad that you're here."


Devilbluedress said...

Very, very nice. Sounds like a great surprise...

-:- crystalline -:- said...

Oh i love this! You lucky girl!

Kitten said...

I was so freaked out though! I didn't recognize him standing at the door.

Such a wonderful, unexpected afternoon though...