I came home from work and found Him in my bed. He pulled me to him and slipped his hands up my skirt. He tugged at the waistband of my tights and pushed the skirt up around my waist.

"Do you want to play, Kitten?"

I whimpered for a moment and then caught that look in his eye, the look that told me that he wasn't fooling around. I nodded enthusiastically.

He slid my panties down to the floor and pulled me over him on the bed into a 69 position. He pushed my head down onto his cock as he put his mouth against my pussy. My mouth full, I moaned around his cock. He worked his tongue on my clit and held me as I squirmed against his face. I sucked harder.

He slid a finger into my pussy, then another, and then one into my ass. The individual sensations of his tongue and his fingers blended together. I kept sucking his cock intently, blindly, overwhelmed by the building orgasm in my pussy.

I was moaning louder, practically screaming onto his cock. It was almost too much but he held me tight against him - I couldn't move away from what I was feeling. It was building and suddenly...I was exploding, hot white and bright, screaming but completely without sensation.

And then it was over. I knelt over him, shaking and sweating. I slid off of his body down onto the floor where I knelt at his feet. He sat up and I laid my head on his lap. He stroked my hair as my breathing returned to normal.

"Kitten, you're my little girl," he cooed and I nuzzled my head into his lap. I was so happy, kneeling naked at his feet, safe and sated.

He lifted my head and looked into my eyes. "You'll always be my little girl. I'll always take care of you, Kitten." I nodded, wanting to stay there with him like that forever. I wanted him to take care of me, knew that he would do that always. He laid my head down again and I closed my eyes, feeling his hands smoothing down my hair, caressing my neck.

I knelt there for what felt like hours. At some point, he picked me up and put me to bed. But in my sleep, I was still there on the floor at his feet with my head on his lap.


waiting4him said...

Hot...i love that feeling of being on my knees before Him.


Kitten said...

lc: Me too. There are times when I want to kneel in public, but don't because it would be inappropriate. But I feel safest there at His feet.