I love breath play. We've explored it from the beginning, but only recently has he really begun to choke me hard enough to make me pass out. I love that sensation, the tingling and the rush in my ears, and the floaty feeling that comes over me when he finally lets go. But He's concerned that he'll injure me, so he decided that, while a little light choking was still okay, any serious breath play would have to take place with his hand over my mouth. I reluctantly agreed. I'm self-destructive, but I suppose I'm not that self-destructive.

The other night, we were fooling around and he told me how badly he wanted to clasp his hands around my neck as I came. I smiled at him and said coyly, "I thought we didn't do that anymore." I was joking. I thought it was safe.

I heard him laugh for a moment, and then I recognized that he wasn't actually laughing. He was doing his fake laugh - the mocking one that he reserves for moments when I think I'm being funny but he is decidedly not amused. He continued his fake chuckle and then sharply hissed, "Shut the fuck up."

He put his hand on my neck, just lightly placed it there, and put his face close to mine. "We do whatever I say we do. If I want to choke the life out of you, I will. Understand, little girl?"

I nodded with a frightened look in my eyes. His expression softened and then he laughed for real. "You should see the look on your face right now." And he let me go.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sometimes your writing is like a sexual punch -- it's a quick hit that leaves a lingering vibration.

You are a wordsmith.


P.S. Have you read Jerzy Kosinski, particularly Passion Play?

Jessica said...

I agree with Ally. Well done!

Kitten said...

Thanks Ally and Jess. Ally, I haven't read anything by that author, but I will look for his books next time I'm at the book store. Thanks for the suggestion!