All I wanted was to be left alone. I didn't want to tell him my darkest fantasies. I didn't want him to reach into my mind and scramble everything inside. I just wanted to curl into myself and keep everything private. I wanted to be closed, hostile, myself.

He fought me as I struggled, he held me close to him. He whispered in my ear that I wasn't getting away from him, that I couldn't hide from my Owner. He shook me until I looked him in the eye and he laughed at the defiant look that he saw once I did. "Are you being a difficult Kitten tonight?," he asked, a gentle mocking lilt to his voice.

I pouted. I didn't want to banter with him. But he wouldn't let me go, not until I told him why I wanted to withdraw. There wasn't a reason, really. I was just feeling feisty and like I wanted to control what I did and what I said and where I looked. He slapped me hard - just once - and I finally dropped my resistance. I was still feeling surly, but he had knocked the fight out of me. Sometimes I think I need that.

He held my body tighter to his strong chest. I thought that I could stay immune to the seductive lull of his voice in my ear or the feel of his touch on my skin, but I couldn't. In minutes he had me squirming next to him. I was dying to have him touch my pussy and to feel him inside of me. He continued to hold me, challenging me to resist, but all of that had ebbed away. I just wanted to be the best girl for him, the dirtiest girl. I wanted to be the wild, slutty girl he always wants me to be. I decided to take matters into my own hands instead.

I slid down his body, making sure that he could feel my breasts soft against every inch of his skin. I look up at him when I reached his cock and shot him a small smile. He looked shocked as I took his cock deep into my mouth in one movement and started sucking on it hungrily. I kept my eyes on him as I worked my mouth up and down on his cock.

He tried to touch my shoulder, lightly, to caress it, but I moved too quickly for him. Before he could say a word, I was on top of him, sinking my pussy onto his cock. He gasped as I fucked him deep that first time. As I started riding him hard, he whispered up at me, "Where did X go?" He used my real name.

I laughed and leaned down to whisper in his ear: "She isn't here anymore."

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