Training Day

He thinks I give an amazing blow job. While I don't really know how to evaluate my skills, I've never had any complaints. My usual technique (if you can call it that) is all about variety - a mixture of licking, sucking, deep throating, etc. - so he never gets bored of the sensation.

So you can imagine my surprise when he told me that I was going to have to do some training. He wanted me to learn to take his cock all the way down my throat, so deep that my lips would rest at the base of his cock, and stay there. I can usually work my way pretty far down, but leaning how to go down that far and stay there was a real challenge.

Luckily my therapist has been teaching me some breathing techniques and I've used them to take his training and to really process it. In no time, I was calmly holding his cock in the back of my throat and looking up at him with my lips wrapped around the very base of his cock. I even managed to stay so calm that I sneaked my tongue out to caress his balls a bit.

There are two drawbacks that I am still working through. First, there is no way to control my saliva when he holds me in this position. It all just drips right down onto his crotch. Luckily, he loves a sopping wet blow job and it gives me quite a bit of lubrication if I am going to give him a hand job. Second, if I gag in this position, I really gag. It is the kind of gagging that comes all the way from deep in my esophagus and makes me afraid that I will throw up. He knows that I am afraid and he uses this against me, holding my head in position as I gag on his cock. He has told me that he will continue to subject me to training sessions until I can learn how to control my occasional gagging, even if it means that I have to learn how to gag and stay in position.

I love how I feel when he has set me to a specific task like this. I love how it feels to be put on my knees and told that we will be doing training and that there will be concrete guidelines. Casting what we are doing as "training" and requiring me to practice in a methodical way, all while doing my breathing exercises, has me feeling very focused lately. I feel like I can do anything, accomplish anything that he thinks I can do. All I need is for him to guide me and hold me in place and I can learn to do anything.


Anonymous said...

This post is useless without pics!

Great reading as always Kitten!

Meta said...

I have the same gagging problem, but trust me, it does get easier with practice. Enjoy training!

swordfish155 said...

do you read nolimitslave? she has an interesting post recently about her problems and issues with gagging. you two should be in touch.
and i've really been enjoying your blog for the last several months...nice growth

Kitten said...

Carly: You know, that has been an issue lately. Even though He doesn't read my blog, he's been toying with the idea of making me post some pictures. We'll see if that happens sometime in the future!

meta and swordfish: I can relax my throat enough to prevent gagging most times, but I think he then pushes farther down to make me gag because he really likes it when I do. Such a sadist ;-)


A said...

It really does take a lot of relaxation. I was telling my master that just the other day. He commented that I have gotten much better about being able to take his cock down my throat and hold it there. I told him that it was because I was able to relax a lot more now.