Your Darkest Fantasy Realized

I shared a fantasy with him - one of my most common, go-to masturbatory fantasies. I hadn't told him about it because it seemed like it was too much of a whole host of things. Too much humiliation, too much degradation, too much objectification, too much slutty, reprehensible behavior. It also had too many people in it...too many male people who used me while he held me down. I was immediately ashamed that I had told him.

I was even more taken aback when the fantasy failed to elicit any sort of shocked response from him. He didn't seem surprised or anything. He just rolled with it and started talking about finding a way to fulfill that fantasy for me. He wanted to see it, he wanted to be there to hold me down while it happened.

Even worse, he wanted to keep talking about it, using it as fodder for his own fantasies and contemplating what we'd do in the future. I just wanted to hide away. I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't even want to think about it. I basically shut down in response.

I stopped masturbating because I couldn't think about this fantasy, and if I couldn't think about this fantasy, I couldn't come. And when he tried to touch me last week, I pulled away. I could barely look him in the eye. Because how could he look me in the eye after I acted out that fantasy? Wouldn't I be just a piece of ruined trash, worse than the slut that I already am for him?

He noticed that I was unusually unresponsive, so he pressed me a bit. I finally admitted that I was ashamed at what I had told him about my fantasy. He reassured me that the reason he wanted to see that, the reason he was so enthusiastic about it for both of us, was that he wanted me to feel free enough to explore that darkest fantasy with him. Obviously, the alluring part of the fantasy was the acknowledgment of how wrong it all felt, that no good girl would do that willingly, that only the most depraved, dirty girl would even consider that. He wanted me to probe those feelings and embrace that dirty girl inside of me. He wanted me to be completely free.

There was this adorable twinkle in his eye as he told me that he'd have no problem looking at me after. He was leaning closer and I could see how aroused he was. When he pulled me to him, I didn't resist. I leaned into him and touched my tongue to his.

As I rode him, he called me his dirty little whore. It was making me wetter and wetter. He could feel it - his head was thrown back and he told me not to stop fucking him, that it felt so good.

"Don't stop?," I asked coyly. "You don't want me to stop?" I pulled off of him for a moment, just long enough to see this wild look in his eyes, and then lowered myself back onto his cock. He moaned loudly in appreciation.

Then - I don't know what got into me - I leaned down to his ear and whispered, "Beg me not to stop...beg."

He moaned again and begged with desperation in his voice. I pinned his wrists to the bed above his head and he begged harder. I fucked him harder, staring down at him and the surprised look in his eyes.

"Oh, fuck, Kitten," he moaned, "you are so hot, oh my god." I couldn't believe what I was doing. All I knew was that this energy between us, this spark, was too strong to ignore. I was his whore at that moment, doing exactly what he wanted to please him.

I reached back to caress his balls as I continued to ride him, and my hand trailed up against my own ass. My fingers found my asshole and an idea came to me. "Can I?," I asked him.

"Oh Kitten, yes, please, yes," he moaned and I slid my finger into my ass. I felt myself coming immediately and I was gushing all over his cock. I rubbed my clit with my other hand and sent myself over the edge. I could feel his cock throbbing in my pussy as my asshole clenched around my finger and my clit pulsed under my other hand. I screamed out with him and we came together.

After, I laid next to him, wondering where all that had come from. "Kitten, how did feel?," he asked.

I thought a moment and then took a deep breath. "Free," I said, realizing the lesson that I had learned.

"Yes, exactly. That's the feeling that I want to see on your face when we explore your fantasy. I want you to feel free to do anything for me." He touched my face and I turned to nuzzle his hand. "Good girl."

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Jessica said...

A little role reversal. That is so cool that he would let you. You have a way of describing your experiences in such a sensual way!