"Be a good girl and go get your beads, then come right back here."

I quickly went over to the bedside table to get the small anal beads from the top drawer and climbed back to the place next to him on the bed.

"Good girl," he cooed as he took the beads from me. He loves it when I'm responsive. Once he told me to look at him and I snapped my head up suddenly - he loved that.

He laid down and pulled me over him so that he could lick my clit while I took him in my mouth. He slowly circled his tongue over my clit, making me squirm and moan onto his cock. After a minute, I felt him touching the first bead to my asshole.

"Tell me what you want," he ordered quietly. When I hesitated, he smacked me hard on the ass and said louder, "Tell me!"

"I want the beads in my ass," I gasped.

"You want the beads, all of them?" he asked, toying with me.

"Yes, please, please, I want the beads."

"Please? Are you begging me, Kitten?"

"Yes, oh please, put them in, please." I was breathless.

"I don't think I told you to stop sucking my cock." As I took him back into my mouth, I felt him slide the first bead in. I moaned as he pushed it in, moaned harder as he used his finger to push it deeper into my ass.

"You take these beads so good into your little asshole, don't you?" I kept moaning as he slid the next one in, and the next. "I think you might be ready for a bigger set. What do you think, Kitten?"

I moaned, keeping his cock in my mouth, excited and terrified of the larger beads.

"Yeah, I think you'd like that. I think you want the largest set." He tugged on the string dangling out of my asshole, making me whimper and squirm. His voice, previously gentle and teasing, suddenly turned gruff. "Get up on all fours, now."

He slammed into me from behind, hard. I cried out. I could feel his cock tight in my pussy, rubbing against the beads in my ass. I knew he could feel the beads too from the way he was moaning. He pushed my shoulders down toward the mattress and fucked me harder. He tugged on the string, waiting for me to come.

"Touch your little clit for me," he moaned and I did. I came hard, screaming face-down into the mattress. And just as I came, he pulled hard on the string, tearing the beads from my ass in one quick movement.

I laid flat on my stomach, breathing heavily. He stroked my hair, telling me that I was such a good girl for him, that the beads looked so hot coming out of my ass.

"You took so much for me, you're such a good girl for me," he soothed as he pulled me over him. He brought my face up to his so he could look me in the eye. "I think you can take more, can't you?"

I nodded groggily, not sure what more I could take but knowing that I didn't have much of a choice.

"I should make you take more for me. I should fuck your ass right now. Is that what you want?," he coaxed.

I didn't know what the correct answer was to his question because, at some point, I knew that the answer didn't matter. I was having trouble focusing on how best to respond. He smacked my face and repeated his question. "Do you want me to fuck your ass right now?" I mumbled that I didn't know. I was so confused. Was he just threatening me? Did he want me to say yes or did he want me to say no so that he could force me to do it anyway?

"I think I'm going to fuck your ass," he mused. "Ask me for it."

I took a deep breath and squeezed my eyes shut. "Please fuck my ass," I mumbled reluctantly.

"Louder, and open your eyes and look at me," he demanded.

"Please fuck my ass," I said in a clear voice that surprised me. I was getting wetter and rubbed my pussy against his leg. He ground his hips up against me, feeling how turned on I was getting.

"Please? Are you begging me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes, please fuck it," I begged, burying my head in his chest. "Please, please, I want it." I did. I needed it so badly at that moment.

"You're such a good little girl. You beg so well, Kitten." He was smiling at his accomplishment. "Now, get up on your hands and knees and take my cock in your ass."


HisGirl said...

Wow Kitten, handled that just right didn't you? This is something Daddy hasn't asked of me yet, so you are pioneering for me. Amazing prose, well done! -His girl

Tex said...

Good Girl!
I love that you learned that you need it and wanted to beg for it. I can't wait to hear more....

Kitten said...

His Girl: He is always very happy when I beg him, but he's told me that he's going to work on my responsiveness. Eek!

Tex: Thanks for reading and commenting! Your encouragement is very helpful as I try to be a better girl for Him.